“Russian Kardashian” Anastasiya Kvitko has excited fans of candid video

Anastasiya Kvitko posted a short Instagram video, which shows a barely covered my ample Breasts. At the time of shooting on the buxom model was only a tiny bra, leaving almost no room for imagination.

Because of her voluptuous forms Anastasiya Kvitko, better known online as “Russian Kardashian”, has gained millions of fans. Fans fall asleep plus-size model compliments and declarations of love, and she, in turn, makes everything possible so that the public interest in her person faded.

In his native Kaliningrad regularly appear fresh pictures, the other one openly. And today Nastya excited followers, and more “hot” videos.

Kvitko was just having a moment of self-admiration in front of the camera, as is often done with other stars of Instagram. However, at the time of shooting of the “Russian Kardashian” was just a miniature black bra from a bathing suit. However, it was just enough to cover the nipples plus-size model. The rest of the bust, the Russians were on display.

However, the present this fact has not confused, and her fans a racy video, and all were delighted. In a matter of hours candid video “Russian Kardashian” has collected hundreds of thousands of views and many comments, most of them written by the male part of the followers, thrilled from the sight of appetizing forms Kvitko.

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