Russian intelligence agencies had access to user data Telegram

Российские спецслужбы получили доступ к данным пользователей Telegram

Program “Scriptscan” created by the programmers of the Russian Center of research of legitimacy and political protest, is able to de-anonymize any person by his nickname Telegram, reports “Izvestia”. The development has already passed the necessary tests and has been used successfully by law enforcement agencies to search for criminals.

According to the creators of the program, it exploits a vulnerability in the encryption system and thus allows to determine the phone number of the user of the messenger. And because each number is linked to the passport to identify its owner with the use of police databases is not difficult, experts of the Center.

Hack Telegram

To verify the effectiveness of the program “Kryptolan”, “news” has asked the employees to reveal with it the details of your correspondent in his Telegram to nick. “The phone number matched, but name and surname no. However, the user can invent an alias, so the accuracy of this information is not so important”, according to “Izvestia”.

Telegram Passport

If the vulnerability is fixed in the shortest possible time, the Telegram runs the risk of losing the status of the secure from the intelligence services of messenger. Given that the recently launched Telegram service Passport, which allows users to keep in service their personal documents, including passport numbers SNILS and INN, the reputation of the Telegram can be spoiled.


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