Russian composer Alexander Pakhmutova were in the “Peacemaker”

Her name was in the “black list” because of the position in the Crimea, announced in 2014.


Российский композитор Александр Пахмутова попала в базу «Миротворца»

Russian composer Alexander Pakhmutova were in the “Peacemaker”


The famous Russian composer and pianist Alexander Pakhmutova joined by its name database, the infamous Ukrainian site of the “Peacemaker”.

According to the Russian mass media with reference to the portal itself, the name of the composer was there for “open justification of the Russian aggression against Independence.”

According to some data, the reason for making Pakhmutova in the “black list” became her position on the question of the reunification of the Crimean Peninsula with Russia made in 2014.

We will remind, last year “the Peacemaker” fell on musician George Vine with accusations of “illegal crossing the state border of Ukraine”, after which he made his name in their database.

Recall, the Crimea joined Russia in a referendum held on the Peninsula in March 2014. While the vast majority of the residents voted for Russian integration.

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