Russian bride Depp was not a simple dancer: “30 thousand for the night”

Русская невеста Деппа оказалась не простой танцовщицей: "30 тыс за ночь"

Despite litigation with ex-wife, Hollywood actor johnny Depp is still able to arrange a personal life — now he meets with the St. Petersburg dancer GO-GO

On the network quickly spread the news that the star of the picture “pirates of the Caribbean” had an affair with 27-year-old dancer from St. Petersburg Pauline Glen. According to friends of the couple, johnny met Pauline at a party in Los Angeles a year ago, reports StarHit.

Now, according to rumors, the couple lives together in a luxurious mansion Depp on sunset Boulevard and is planning a wedding.

Русская невеста Деппа оказалась не простой танцовщицей: "30 тыс за ночь"

Became known the details of the last new passion of johnny Depp.

“With Pauline, I went to dancing lessons. She already set the goal to marry well. Often sitting in the phone used to pick guys on Dating sites. Shared what her candidates, discussed several. In training behaved vulgar all the time wanted to be close to the coach. About Polina and her friend Anya were rumors that the girls do escort. There was no evidence, but they often went out — ostensibly on business,” — said one of my colleagues girls.

The information that Glen was able to provide intimate services for money, and came to American fans of Depp.

“We found sites where there are profiles of Pauline. Night with her is worth 30 thousand rubles. Can’t believe Glen is married to johnny. Yes, in the Internet there were pictures where they’re kissing. I think she leaked them for publicity,” said Amanda Petro.

Русская невеста Деппа оказалась не простой танцовщицей: "30 тыс за ночь"

The same version is shared by the friend of the actor Verena Merle.

“They have no relationship. The photo was taken, when johnny was still married to amber heard. She got along with Pauline, sometimes took her with him on trips. As far as I know, then between Depp and Glen happened to the friendly kiss, nothing more. Johnny is now very angry that the footage has emerged!”, reports close to the actor Merle.

A close friend of the dancer Alexey Romeo, known as Dj Romeo, is confident in the decency of the girl.

“A very nice girl. It was obvious that she had a great future, because the determination could be felt,” — said the musician.

Recall that johnny Depp has accused ex-wife of beating and intends to sue.

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