Russian actress in his old age was left without a job: “Played and…”

Российская актриса на старости лет осталась без работы: «Отыграла и…»

Famous Soviet and Russian actress admitted that remained without work

80-year-old actress Larissa Luzhina has long been can not find new project: she simply ceased to offer a role in a movie. She admitted that the last time you played in a movie in 2014, and since then it had not been asked to star in movies. The actress emphasizes that, despite its age, remains very active thanks to the work and keeps himself in good shape.

“I would like to work more, but not invited. Now I have three antrepriznyh performances, which tour, meetings with the audience, the festivals,” said Luzhin.

Российская актриса на старости лет осталась без работы: «Отыграла и…»

According to her, she is always happy, if the tour turns out she has a very busy schedule. The actress claims that does not negate their statements even when it hurts.

“Come to the hotel, after two hours of play. Played and after two hours need to fly or go on. Sometimes, after a scorching Claus flying in the heat. But I love my profession, perhaps, in this whole matter,” says Luzhin.

However, she noted that works not only for fun. According to the actress, of great importance for it has income that allows her to help their relatives. So, the son of Luzhin has three children, so the actress tries to help his family financially.

Российская актриса на старости лет осталась без работы: «Отыграла и…»

Earlier it was reported that the star of the films “Magicians” and “the Man from Boulevard des Capucines” by Alexander Yakovlev, is seriously ill. We wrote about the fact that the actress needs money for cancer treatment, and she recently decided to bring their fans to the conventional “fundraising” on it.

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