Russia will overtake the inevitable punishment, threatened everybody, “Accidents, emergency and disaster”

Россию настигнет неминуемая кара, под угрозой каждый: «Несчастные случаи, ЧП и катастрофы»

Astrologer Vlad Ross was the prophecy that will soon change in Russia

Russia had hard times this summer, because it was shaken by a large-scale disaster: burned forests, the rocket exploded under the Severodvinsk, Moscow hosted the protests, and there were many other high-profile events.

Astrologer Vlad Ross said in comments to the editor-in-chief, why the trouble has covered Russia, and predicted that the Russians do not relax. According to the forecast of Ross, in the future a variety of fatal and unpleasant situation occurred in Russia in the last month of summer.

Россию настигнет неминуемая кара, под угрозой каждый: «Несчастные случаи, ЧП и катастрофы»

“Remember, in August, Russia overtook the default, then in August sank the nuclear submarine “Kursk” in August there was a coup, that large-scale fires engulfed the vast forests…Because my forecast at the beginning of this year was clear: Russia will “shake” in August, while the Sun will be in the zodiac sign of Leo. This forecast has completely come true. Man-made disasters and a variety of complex situations will continue to happen in Russia,” — said the expert.

In addition, Ross noted that Neptune indicates sea water, because in this period of frequent emergency in the seas. According to him, the Uranium promises emissions of toxic substances, including radiation. What we saw in emergency situations in the Arkhangelsk region.

The astrologer also predicts that in the political life of Russia is that everything will be unchanged, but only up to a certain time.

“August has ended – in Russia will be safer. But only until next summer. Too early to relax. Although this year all the major events have already happened, and the end of large-scale accidents and trouble will happen a little. In any case, the predictions come true: August Russia became the most dreadful month of the year,” he concluded.

Россию настигнет неминуемая кара, под угрозой каждый: «Несчастные случаи, ЧП и катастрофы»

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