Russia suddenly made concessions to Ukraine: “in July…”

Россия внезапно пошла на уступки для Украины: "уже в июле..."

Russia has resumed gas supplies to Ukraine in July

The Ministry of economic development of Russia in the full volume of satisfied bids of the companies “Rosneft” and LUKOIL for the supply of liquefied natural gas to Ukraine in July. About this enkorr said the traders having contracts with traders these producers, said publishing enkorr.

“In the case of Rosneft, its quota for July is fully consistent with that provided for in the resolution of FSTEC,” — said the source.

Россия внезапно пошла на уступки для Украины: "уже в июле..."

The quota amounts to 43 thousand tons, it is Expected that the company “Ukrenergo”, which is a supplier of the resource “LUKOIL”, is waiting for July delivery of 15 thousand t. in addition, the Russian authorities fully meet the demands of the Kazakh PROIZVODITELYA transit supplies of LPG in Ukraine.

“The transit volume is expected to reach 30-35 thousand tons,” said one person familiar with the situation source. According to him, we are talking about the amount of “Tengizchevroil”. According to market participants, the configuration approved at the July supply will fully meet the needs of Ukraine in the import of LPG.

At the same time, there are fears that from-for repair work on Lokosovski gas processing plant “LUKOIL” can be reduced to supply LPG company in Ukraine. Recall that this GPP is a major supplier of a broad fraction of light hydrocarbons for oil refinery Perm, the company that you are shipment to the address “Ukrenergo”.

Recall that the NBU predicted movement of prices for gas for the population in the years 2019-2021. Thanks to cheaper gas on the wholesale market in the EU, it is expected that the gas tariffs for the population will be adapted. It is planned to reach import parity in the current year. This forecast was placed in the Inflation report National Bank of Ukraine. The Central Bank expects the introduction of market prices in the current year 2019.

Россия внезапно пошла на уступки для Украины: "уже в июле..."

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The report notes that this will provide an excellent opportunity for Ukraine to implement the mechanisms of market pricing for gas for the population. And it will happen in the short term.

“Domestic gas tariffs for population will reach import parity in 2019 and in the future will be determined primarily by the dynamics of world prices and the exchange rate of the hryvnia,” — the document says.

We will remind, the utility shocked the long list of addresses: hundreds of families remain without gas

As reported Politeka, the second stage of monetization of subsidies has already started — what will change for Ukrainians.

Also Politeka wrote that the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a new decision on tariffs for gas.