Russia has let Ukrainian doctors to Mushroom in jail – the father

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Representatives of the Russian side has not allowed the Ukrainian doctors to visit Paul’s Mushroom, which is in the Krasnodar prison №5.

This was written by the father of the detainee Igor Grib in Facebook with reference to the representative of Consulate General of Ukraine in Rostov-on-don.

According to him, despite the letter of the European court of human rights and repeated notes of Ukrainian diplomats, doctors V. Pritula and Yu Kuchin was not allowed to the detainee.

On Thursday, the Ukrainian doctors have arrived in Russia for examination of Paul Fungus, which daily requires a specific treatment using a congenital disease. The guy has problems with blood circulation because of the portal hypertension syndrome.

Acting Minister of health Suprun said that the experts who chose the Ministry, will be in Russia from 12 to 15 October.

19-year-old Ukrainian Pavlo Fungus disappeared on the territory of Belarus on August 24. Only after 14 days of FSB of Russia provided Ukrainian diplomats information that he was in a prison in Krasnodar. He was detained on charges under article “terrorism”.

For two weeks the fate of the boy was unknown. Belarusian law enforcers have stated that they don’t.

To Gomel Pavel Grib went to meet with a girl texting first in VK, and then in Skype.

The family Paul of the Fungus applied to the European court of human rights concerning Russia’s actions that may threaten the life of a boy.

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