Russia covered the Apocalypse, the whole city goes under the water: “Here is the floating house,” footage of the disaster

Россию накрыл апокалипсис, целый город уходит под воду: «Вот плывут дома», кадры бедствия

In the Internet appeared the frames of this Apocalypse that has covered one of the cities of Russia

“Inhabitants of the Irkutsk region in distress from the powerful floods, were seen floating down the river the whole of the estate, outhouses, and country houses”, — is spoken in the message.

Published footage shows that the water breaks the concrete home as a match, which then float down the river.

“Here is the floating home of the towns of Nizhneudinsk and Tulun of the Irkutsk region. Real footage of eyewitnesses. It’s terrible,” says the eyewitness of state of emergency.

As previously reported, in Russia, flooded the whole city, thousands of people remained without a roof over your head.

In the Irkutsk region (Russian Federation) as a result of severe flooding were flooded 3735 houses in which live more than nine thousand people. Water damaged 13 road bridges, local media reported.

The most difficult situation is in the town of Tulun. There’s no electricity. The city impounded the 887 residential houses, inhabited by 1771 people. Rescuers have already evacuated 490 people. In the region introduced a state of emergency.

“The city of Tulun torn to two parts water. We only call each other can. Entry cut off from us. Water everywhere. We can’t escape anywhere… Enclsoure very little was in the time of flooding. There were two or three boats. This is a drop in the ocean”, — complains a local resident.

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Due to heavy flood Irkutsk oblast literally goes under the water. Element has claimed the lives of two people. Among the dead is 8-year-old boy. Three more are reported missing.

The water level in the river Ia continues to rise and now stands at 13 meters 32 centimeters. Now from the disaster zone were evacuated about a thousand people. To compensate those affected by the disaster has already allocated almost a billion rubles.

Recall that Ukraine is waiting for a global flood: the residents of which regions is to be feared.

As reported Politeka, powerful elements wash away the city from the face of the Earth, footage of the accident: 63 dead.

Also Politeka wrote that Ukraine is threatened by flooding: dozens of cities could disappear from the face of the earth.