Russia announced the end of the war: what happened, the details

Россия заявила об окончании войны: что произошло, подробности

The head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov has declared the end of the war

He said this in an interview with the Russian newspaper Trud.

“The war in Syria is really over. The country is gradually returning to normal, peaceful life”, — said Lavrov.

The head of the Russian foreign Ministry noted that there are still “tensions”. This applies not controlled by the Syrian government areas in Idlib province and near the East Bank of the Euphrates river.

Россия заявила об окончании войны: что произошло, подробности

Lavrov believes that the priorities in Syria now — the provision of humanitarian assistance and support political process to resolve the crisis in the country.

We will remind, in April the opposition to Bashar Assad Alliance “Syrian democratic forces” held a solemn parade in captured from the ISIS terrorists Baghouse.

After this victory, it was announced that ISIS suffered a final defeat, losing captured territory in Syria and Iraq.

While some jihadists are still hiding in the Syrian desert, it is believed that they don’t pose a great danger.

Note, it was recently reported that a group of Russian soldiers were killed in Syria. Officers of the Russian Federation was undermined on a mine.

“In the Syrian province of Idlib, a group of eight Russian military was blown up by a mine.” It is known that in the incident three officers were killed and two were injured. But the Russians have a claim — “without loss”:

“September 4, there were no casualties among Russians in Syria”, report “Vedomosti” with reference to the defense Ministry of Russia. Most of Rossi write that before the incident, the Russian military group headed to the police station, but 30 meters from the observation post, two explosions occurred mines OZM-72.

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Россия заявила об окончании войны: что произошло, подробности

The explosion could be the result of the operation of the Syrian anti-government rebels, writes the newspaper Al-Masdar:

“In particular, were fighters of the “National front for the liberation of Syria””.

Recall that the terrorists got the teeth from the APU for the mortar hell: “a big loss”, details.

As reported Politeka, cars with military crashed in an accident.

Also Politeka wrote that the militants brutalized and spat on the truce: soldiers of the APU are the new loss