Ruslan Ryaboshapka: home anticorruption in “team se”

Руслан Рябошапка: главный антикоррупционер в “команде Зе”

Ruslan Ryaboshapka more than fifteen years working in the field of fight against corruption. Before the elections he joined the Vladimir Zelensky, as it believes it is not integrated into the state system, and therefore has all the chances to destroy it

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Ruslan Ryaboshapka G. was born 14 October 1976 in the village of Zelenogorskiy in Odessa region.


For higher education Ruslan riaboshapka went to the capital. The law degree he received in International Solomon University.


Younger sister — Lyudmila riaboshapka. Four years younger brother. As Ruslan, has a law degree. Graduated in 2004, the Academy of advocacy of Ukraine.

Almost fifteen years (2002-2016) Ludmila worked in the “Ukrzaliznytsia”, or rather, its branch — the South-Western railway, which has grown to the position of head of the legal Department. In 2009 she received the attorney’s certificate. Married. Spouse — Alexander Nechval.

Wife — Olesya Bartoshuk. Also has a law degree. Lives in Strasbourg, where the European court of human rights.

Have Ryaboshapka and Bartoshuk three sons (Ted, mark, Luke), who were born in France. So I have the citizenship of this country.


After graduation, Ruslan riaboshapka for three years he worked in various positions in the State Department of corrections.

Руслан Рябошапка: главный антикоррупционер в “команде Зе”

In 2001, he went to work at the DOJ. For nine years Ryaboshapka has held senior positions in the departments of the Ministry.

In 2010, he received the title of Honored lawyer of Ukraine.

From 2010 to 2013, Ruslan worked in the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers, which was then headed by Mykola Azarov. In the Secretariat, he worked on issues of anti-corruption policy, and later the legal obligation of the government.

Then six months from October 2013 to March 2014, he again engaged in anti-corruption issues. Now, however, in non-governmental organization Transparency International Ukraine.

After Euromaidan Ryaboshapka got the position of Deputy Minister of justice Pavel Petrenko.

In March 2016, he became a member of the National Agency for prevention of corruption. However, fifteen months later, in June 2017, he wrote a letter of resignation.

The reason for the departure of Ruslan NACP was the lack of response from the management on its signals about the need to take drastic measures for “reanimation” of the Agency.

Руслан Рябошапка: главный антикоррупционер в “команде Зе”

Before the presidential election in 2019, he became a member of the staff of the candidate Vladimir Zelensky as a counselor. After his victory he was appointed Deputy head of the presidential Administration.

In his post he will be engaged in judicial reform.

Руслан Рябошапка: главный антикоррупционер в “команде Зе”

Quotes and statements

As a man who has worked in anti-corruption sphere, Ruslan Ryaboshapka insists that the authorities of the fight against corruption was independent.

In his opinion, fundamental change in the country is possible in reforming the courts and law enforcement agencies. They need to have professionals who know not only how and what to do, but those who can say “no” to such oligarchs as Kolomoisky, Akhmetov and Poroshenko.

Руслан Рябошапка: главный антикоррупционер в “команде Зе”

Ruslan Ryaboshapka believes that reform is necessary and the National Agency for prevention of corruption. He wants to restart the Agency where he worked, and to make him not the enemy and ally of NABOO and Sapa.

Judicial reform needs to update the system, in particular the bodies responsible for the selection and dismissal of judges. A SBU must not deal with masks-show entrepreneurs, and national security, combat terrorism, prevent terrorism.

In addition, it calls for the elimination of divisions on fight against economic crime in law enforcement, and the transition to the analytic approach in the fight against financial crime.

Ruslan Ryaboshapka indicates that for the last five years in the Prosecutor’s office did not actually have any changes. High positions were occupied by the people who were in the midst of corruption scandals. Moreover, new institutions that protect these officials. As a result, the Prosecutor’s office protects the rights of people, involved in economic transactions or political showdowns.

Руслан Рябошапка: главный антикоррупционер в “команде Зе”

In respect of the attorney-General he adheres to the idea that it is necessary to change. To run the GPU should not be a politician, a professional law degree and relevant work experience in law enforcement. In his opinion, this Agency it is best to liquidate, and its main function — the state prosecution, transferred to the Ministry of justice.

After the inauguration of Vladimir Zelensky, Ruslan Ryaboshapka was called one of the main contenders for the chair of the attorney General. Antikorruptsionera himself said he was ready to share its experience and without appointment to any position. However, the President appointed his Deputy Andrei Bogdan in his Administration.

On the fight against corruption

“The anti-corruption framework is based on three pillars: detection, prevention, punishment. First, you need to make the existing anti-corruption bodies have started to work effectively.

Around them revolves a lot of conflict, curators, communicators and all others. We need to make sure that it was not that people began to think about the risks associated with the management of the state, and work. There is a certain conflict (somewhere philosophical, somewhere personal) between the leaders of SAP and NABOO.

To change a specialized attorney is quite difficult, it requires changes in the law. Now there is no time. If it is possible to establish cooperation between the leadership of SAP and the leadership of the NAB, will be fine. They will begin immediately to work for the country”.

Руслан Рябошапка: главный антикоррупционер в “команде Зе”


Last time Ruslan riaboshapka filed electronically in March 2018. The newly elected Deputy head of the administration of their own property there. His wife has a land plot and residential building in Strasbourg, France.

At home Olesya Bartoshuk owns another plot of land and a dwelling house and a apartment near Kiev in Novi Petrivtsi.

The wife of Ruslan riaboshapka has two Volvo cars (brand XC70 and XC90).

The salary for the year, which Ryaboshapka received in the National Agency for the prevention of corruption amounted to four hundred and fourteen thousand hryvnia. The salary of his wife at the European court in the conversion into the national currency of almost three million hryvnias.

Income from the alienation of movable property brought him a little less than four hundred thousand. Olesya Bartoshuk took in Strasbourg, the loan in the amount of four hundred and thirty thousand.