Run trains to the Crimea, Goncharuk issued a final verdict: “got to do it…”

Запуск поездов в Крым, Гончарук вынес окончательный вердикт: "должны это сделать..."

Vladimir Zelensky said that will with train service to occupied Crimea

This was stated by the head of the Cabinet of Ministers Alexey Goncharuk in your Facebook

So, Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk dispelled the rumors that Ukraine intends to restore rail links with Russian occupied Crimea.

Запуск поездов в Крым, Гончарук вынес окончательный вердикт: "должны это сделать..."

According to him, construction of checkpoints on the administrative border with annexed Peninsula does not mean that Ukraine will recover W/d connections.

“I always emphasize the man-centeredness. It is about the development of the checkpoint “Kalanchak” and “Chongar”, creating operating and service area. In the latest checkpoint will be a center of providing administrative services, bus station and the building for the rest of the drivers. However, the government does not recover any message with the temporarily occupied Crimea”, — says Aleksey Goncharuk.

He also noted that the government has decided to development of the crossings for the convenience of the Ukrainians, and they have to do to make life easier for our citizens in the occupation.

“Why are we doing this? The Crimea is Ukraine. Temporarily occupied. There are our citizens” — summed up Goncharuk in your Facebook

Запуск поездов в Крым, Гончарук вынес окончательный вердикт: "должны это сделать..."

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Previously, we reported that the Ukraine will send Vladimir Putin to the knockout Crimean bridge. Such opinion was sounded by a military expert Oleg Zhdanov. According to him, the Crimean bridge, which likes to boast about the President of the aggressor country, Vladimir Putin is unreliable, but may be useful to Kiev.

Them Ukraine will be able to use it, says Oleg Zhdanov, immediately after the de-occupation of the Peninsula. Moreover, the military expert agrees that the Crimean bridge is unreliable as there are problems not only with ecology, but with Geophysics.

“Because God forbid that he stood for. From the point of view of economy, this bridge is a very good structure. If we return Crimea under the jurisdiction of Ukraine, for us, again from the point of view of economy and transport interchange, the bridge will be a useful acquisition”, — explained the expert.

Recall that in the occupied Crimea stopped doing surgery under anesthesia.

As reported Politeka, Kerch bridge will collapse: Nibiru seize part of Ukraine and will hit the invaders.

Also Politeka wrote that the ex-adviser to Putin said that Russia will withdraw from the Donbas and Crimea.