Rue Mezy: victims are out of induced coma

1211925(SHERBROOKE) The two alleged victims of Alexander Martineau came out of the induced coma in which they were immersed.

The grandfather of 75 and grandmother of 73 years probably attacked with knives by the individual of 21 years at their home in the Mesy street in Sherbrooke last week are still based at the CHUS.

According to the Sherbrooke Police Department, 73-year woman is still in critical condition, while the man’s injuries are considered serious, but he is in stable condition.

“Our investigators went to the bedside in the last hours. They have not managed to get more details on this case, “said the spokesman of the SPS, Martin Carrier.

The SPS Investigations Division has finished its research on the 3109 crime scene of Mezy street.

“We continue meetings with potential witnesses. We continue to expand the circle of people to meet, “said the spokesman for the SPS.

Meanwhile, the accused in this case is the psychiatric ward of the CHUS where assessment of his ability to appear continues.

Last Friday, Alexandre Martineau was charged with two attempted murders and two aggravated assault on his grandparents.

His lawyer Marc-Andre Champagne legal aid is seeking the opinion of a forensic psychiatrist on ability to appear for his client in this case.

No criminal record, no mental health problems or known consumer, the authorities are wrong explain what could take place on June 9 at the home of the couple in their seventies to the north of Sherbrooke.

The Alexander Martineau file must return to court June 17 for the submission of the report of forensic psychiatrist on ability to appear.

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