Royal caught in a strange occupation in Parliament: “I went to the Kiva has helped,” video leaked to the network

Королевскую застукали за странным занятием в Раде: "пошла бы Киве помогла", видео слили в сеть

Opposition MP Natalia Korolevska (opsi) has observed strange activity in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

Nothing better to do, the politician began to paint the Trident.

This Royal started during a conversation on the phone.

“MP luganchanka Natalie king desecrated the emblem of Ukraine during a session of Parliament. National darling of the party opsi thus once again demonstrated its real attitude to the country and its symbols”, signed video its author.

Note, the Ukrainians the work of the Royal “not logged in”.

“In Parliament, some “WORKAHOLICS”- painting, sleep, and jerk off!!! For the money you can and have fun!!!!!!”, — spoken by a certain Larisa.

“One fingering, the other is abused symbol of a country not a party but a mob of Medvedchuk”, — said a Alberto Ravioli.

“There is nothing to hold hands? Went to the Kiva would have helped. And he, poor man, himself meets…,” said a netizen in the comments under the video.

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Recently, the network has got video of a strange situation in Parliament, which occurred with the people’s Deputy from “Oppositional platform for life” Ilya Kiva. The journalists took video that he’s on the phone with a girl and behaves quite ambiguous and touches her intimate places.

Kiva himself commented on the scandal that erupted around the video.

The MP has called the video a fake. He said that the journalists took video of only one move and repeated it with the installation.

We will remind, people’s deputies gnawed, not having to sit in the chair Happy.

We also wrote that people’s deputies rebelled and won’t back down.

Even politeka reported that MPs got into it because of the language.