“Rotterdam”: the Zelensky prepare tariff revolution, for the first time disclosed the terms

«Роттердам –»: у Зеленского готовят тарифную революцию, впервые раскрыты сроки

The administration of the Vladimir Zelensky has developed a bill designed to reduce electricity tariffs

The President’s team plans to replace the controversial formula “Rotterdam+” for new schema “Rotterdam”. The bill will be submitted to the Verkhovna Rada on 17 June. This was announced by the representative of the President of the government Andrey Gerus.

“The team of Ukrainian President and the administration, a bill was drafted, who on Monday will be tabled in Parliament. This bill is called “to reduce the cost of electrical energy,” namely, it is proposed that the formula “Rotterdam+” was cancelled and instead it had a different formula – it can be called “Rotterdam-“”, — he said.

In the case of the adoption of this law, the electricity tariff for the ordinary citizens will not change, but large industrial companies will be able to pay for electricity is less.

«Роттердам –»: у Зеленского готовят тарифную революцию, впервые раскрыты сроки

Earlier it was reported that Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman disgraced with a new gas tariffs for population of Ukraine.

Blogger Denis Gorokhovsky told how in fact did the cost of fuel after the promises of the head of the Cabinet. On his page on Facebook he shared his utility bills.

It is worth Recalling that the Cabinet of Ministers has obliged “Naftogaz” to reduce gas tariffs for the population for June. According to the decree, the fuel is supposed to grow by almost a thousand hryvnia per 1,000 cubic meters. The regulator’s representatives protested that the wholesale price of gas is already reduced in accordance with changes in the market.

«Роттердам –»: у Зеленского готовят тарифную революцию, впервые раскрыты сроки

5 Jun the government introduced a new formula for calculating the value of the gas which Naftogaz sells to the public and utility companies. According to the document, tariffs for household consumers has led to the minimum of four values: the average cost of imported gas after customs clearance in Ukraine, the average price for the month on the results of the electronic exchange trading in the Ukrainian energy exchange; the arithmetic average price of gas for industrial consumers (subject to prepayment prior to the month of delivery of gas), which operated in the gas month preceding the month of the sale to the public; the price calculated based on the previously approved formula, gas price in PSO.

Recall that Reva finally lost conscience after question about the payment.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky have revealed plans tariff, to take emergency measures.

Also Politeka reported that electricity tariffs in Ukraine for the enterprises and the population.