“Rotterdam+” allowed to maintain stable electricity rates for the population – Kolko

"Роттердам+" позволил сохранить стабильные тарифы на электроэнергию для населения, - Котко

The introduction of the “Rotterdam+” allowed to maintain stable electricity rates for the population, but they have grown to large industrial enterprises, which aroused the discontent of their owners

This was stated by the head of the “energy Association of Ukraine” Vasyl Kotko live on 112 channel, transfer “Ukrainian news”.

The expert noted that according to the “Rotterdam+” to set electricity prices for industrial consumers, the tariffs for the population remained stable.

“You know, any decision in the field of economy, always for someone some benefit additional to someone any losses. As for people in General, households that we have rates for many years, we can say frozen, and it does not reflected,” said Kolko.

He noted that “Rotterdam+” has a negative view of the owners of large electricity consumers, as it reduced their profits.

“Dissatisfied with this formula was large consumers of electricity. It is primarily the Steelworkers, of course, especially Ferroalloy enterprises, where 50% of the cost of electricity,” said Kolko.

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Chairman of the National Commission, carrying out state regulation in the field of energy and utilities (NCSECU), Oksana Krivenko said earlier that the formula “Rotterdam+” has allowed it to save up to UAH 40 bln, as restrained growth in electricity tariffs for the population.

The former head NCIKU Dmitry Vovk said that the businessman Igor Kolomoisky for the period of transparent pricing for electricity has lost a significant portion of the profits from energy-intensive Ferroalloy enterprises, so now taking revenge by pressure through the NEB and the SAP who introduced the formula of “Rotterdam+”.