Rotaru rudely “kicked” a young man “tried to kiss”, there was a video

Ротару грубо «отшила» молодого парня: «пытался поцеловать», появилось видео

Sofia Rotaru roughly got rid of the annoying fan in front of the people

Recently, the famous Ukrainian singer performed at the festival “Slavic Bazaar” in Belarusian Vitebsk. There happened an unfortunate incident.

After the singer finished singing, on the stage began to rise many fans with flowers. Rotaru gladly accepted the flowers and shared with his fans a friendly hugs and kisses on the cheek, but one of the fans is clearly caused her extremely negative emotions.

So, in a network there was video on which the singer dramatically repels the hand of the guy in the white shirt who came up to her with a bouquet of roses. The young man tried, like many others, Rotaru kiss on the cheek, but ran into a rude refusal.

Ротару грубо «отшила» молодого парня: «пытался поцеловать», появилось видео

After the singer abruptly pushed the guy, she hurriedly walked away and continued to chat with the audience and her fan quickly left the scene.

This strange behavior had not bound to cause issues. As it turned out, this fan is already “familiar” to the singer: he often comes especially for her performances and bother her with his attention.

We will remind, earlier Sofia Rotaru admitted that she dumped his beloved Crimea.

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The name of the singer again began to “rinse” in connection with its property in Crimea and living in the occupied Peninsula.

However, all the rumors, speculation and doubts dispelled itself Rotaru. In an interview to Ukrainian TV channel she said that a long time ago to live in the capital of Ukraine.

“I live in Kiev for more than ten years. And when I ask the people of Kiev, when you come to us to Kiev, I smile. I’ve been from Kiev and proud of it,” he said.

It is noted that the luxurious estate is in Koncha-Zaspa, elite village near Kiev. But the house and a chic hotel in the Crimea near Yalta, the Kremlin still remained.

Recall that the 71-year-old Rotaru continues to amaze flowered form.

As reported Politeka, Rotaru spoke about the work of a granddaughter.

Also Politeka wrote that niece Rotaru crippled for the rest, the bones were broken.