Rose McGowan dazzled at the premiere in a velvet dress

Роуз Макгоуэн блистала на премьере в бархатном платье

The star of the television series “All women — witches” continues to work on an autobiographical book. Already popular, the American said that he would write a Chapter about the relationship with Harvey Weinstein, who, according to Hollywood actress, repeatedly molested and raped her for several years. However, the star of the television does not intend to hide their own attractiveness and sexuality, despite the scandal. So rose McGowan gets the opportunity to show off seductive forms, attending major social events. For example, yesterday a long-legged actress was spotted in London. It became known that the film star arrived in the UK at the invitation of a close friend, and part of popular art.

By the way, these days, an exhibition of previously unknown works by Richard Hambleton called “Shadowman”. So rose arrives for the premiere gala event. Writes Hollywood actress shone in a slinky MIDI dress in black velvet, and stockings to match. Additionally, the famous blonde complements the elegant look using the red matte lipstick in a rich hue and stylish shoes with low heels. It is worth noting that the companion star of television was a 37-year-old Jay Rutland.

Fans speculated that the British have not only a friendly relationship with a popular actress. However, it is known that a few weeks ago rose McGowan had an affair with androgynous model. At the same time about the sexual preferences of Hollywood Actresses became known not so long ago. Earlier, the actress has been hiding his attraction to the fair sex, because they did not want to harm the career because of the possible condemnation from society and fans.

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