Romanenko explained how Zelensky can save the situation in the Donbass, “Ukraine should…”

Романенко объяснил, как Зеленский может спасти ситуацию на Донбассе: «Украина должна...»

The political scientist, expert on international and domestic policy of the Ukrainian Institute for the future Yuri Romanenko fears that the Russians are using ORDO can have a significant impact on the Ukrainian economic market

This Yuri Romanenko said in a video interview edition of the Apostrophe.

The analyst said that in recent days, the Russian pressure on Ukraine – “tightened position”. In his opinion, this is to ensure that “we have signed more, more freedoms they were given.”

Романенко объяснил, как Зеленский может спасти ситуацию на Донбассе: «Украина должна...»

The expert is sure that the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky can save the situation in the Donbas.

According to Romanenko, Ukraine should, if possible, to dissolve the army and enable economic exchange.

Also important, he said, should pay attention to the possible smuggling from the occupied territory. “Ukraine needs to do a full-fledged customs posts, she should do a full-fledged border, full CPR, that there was not the flow of contraband,” said Yuriy Romanenko.

He cited the example of Georgia when the Russians through the territory of South Ossetia, invaded Georgia, a huge flow of contraband: “half a billion dollars a year. To little Georgia that was a huge number”.

According to political expert, the Kremlin will try to follow the same scenario in Ukraine: “the Russian’s will try to use ORDO”.

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Romanenko explained how this is about to happen: “They will be there to run a bunch of product, and since no customs is not, then it will all quietly pass through the border and the Russians will have a significant impact on our economic market,” expressed concern about the analyst.

He also believes that a good option would be the emergence of peacekeepers on the demarcation line.

Earlier we wrote that Yuri Romanenko said that the arrest of ex-MP Sergei Pashinsky is a PR stunt team Zelensky by which the ruling party tries to create visibility of struggle with the old system.

“Given the fact that in September the government very specifically “hit the post” on a number of fronts — with Foami with economic laws, with the “formula Steinmeier”, and obviously this will affect the ranking in the coming months, then they go to the fair part of “Marlezonskogo ballet”, — said the expert.

Recall that Zelensky will avenge Putin in the Kremlin expected.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky has told how he wanted to steal a batch of “public Servant”

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky is prepared to reduce taxes Ukrainian, articulated in terms of