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saison-ecolovelo-coeur-officiellement-lancee(Granby) The season is officially launched at Écolovélo heart of Granby. Citizens can not only borrow a bike for free at various strategic points in the city, but they can also repair their bike or buy a new one to his studio and shop.

The action is not lacking in the premises of the Foundation Gérard Bossé, Cowie Street, where employees are active daily and young adults participating in a social integration program Écolovélo heart. Their workshop and shop has already seen pass many bicycles as their season was officially launched on Tuesday, during a press conference.

“We have 300 repairs made so far and it is only in May,” reported Robert Simon, supervisor and founding member of heart Écolovélo, pointing a row of bikes waiting to be repaired by the mechanics.

Between 400 and 500 used bikes – available notably by population or recovered at ecocentres – are recycled. More than half are uploaded and available for rental or sale. Parts are recovered and used to repair other bikes or held for sale. There are no less than 8,000 items on the shelves!

New bikes of the brand DNA, initiated and designed by Écolovélo the heart, are also on sale.

Bicycles for 24 hours

The summer season is upon us also rhymes with the return of the bike ready. A sixty will be available at various locations in the city: the Center for Nature Interpretation of Lake Boivin Community Centre Saint-Benoit, at Roger Bédard, the tennis courts Saint-Luc and at the heart of Écolovélo. Other addresses may be added.

The principle is simple. Provided with a photo ID, a citizen goes to the selected points. It provides some information, and then with a bike lock is loaned free for 24 hours. The user must then bring it to where it has borrowed.

Bikes are loaned to participants of the International Song Festival of Granby and students during field trips. It also provides employees of the Green Patrol.

More than 4,900 loans have been made since the launch of Écolovélo heart in 2008. Only last summer, we counted 852.

Through the development of a blasting room and paint shop, there a few years Écolovélo provides services to the year. These infrastructures are not used exclusively for bicycles. They also serve to give new life to different objects.

Special projects to sell custom bikes are also made. Twelve were painted in the colors of animals for moving employees within the grounds of the Granby Zoo.

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