Rock opera for Franco

radio-radio-fete-jeudi-soirLast year, the opening night of the Festival-Ontarian brushed perfection. Rebelote to kick off the 41st edition, Major’s Hill Park basking rind under a blazing sun (finally!) With thousands of festival-goers, happy to celebrate to the sound of lively music of their favorite artists from the first four provinces of the Canadian Confederation.

In front of a packed crowd as the host Geneviève Borne came forward to give the kickoff to Rock Opera, specifically designed for the Franco clock Parliament indicating 20:30, with a backdrop blue sky, moon fun to do a solo number. Not a cloud to shade him.

For the record, the blonde was too talented to orders last year … the biggest surprise of the organizers. Indeed, the team had not hired, she arrived unannounced in suitcases Porn Flakes which, again, brilliantly accompanied the eclectic string of artists.

Ontario, the group Swing broke the ice by offering a super-vitamin version of Dance in St-Dilon, and the name of the father, the crowd hopping fast-paced Michel Benac. The leader of the training has subsequently invited her to come protected Gabrielle Goulet ignite the crowd, the young rising to the challenge with a bewildering aplomb.

New Brunswick, Radio Radio came pouring oil on fire with his success Feel Zoo and Jacuzzi, all generations taking great pleasure to wiggle the sound of their contagious rhythms.

Quebec, the first notes of a classic flew under the cries of the spectators, Kevin Parent initiating Lord, followed by Hands to Sun, a song from his new album in English and dedicated to First Nations.

“Franco-Ontarian, Francophiles and Francophones throughout, it is an honor to be with you,” commented Vincent Vallières in a charged atmosphere, his singing tour ending with We’ll love again, which everyone’s lips took control in unison.

The surprise of the evening was undoubtedly Natalie Choquette who delivered with passion the Hymn to the love of Piaf, before pushing the note to more heights in Habanera from Bizet, Kevin Parent dancing collegiate glued to his side. His performance earned him the thunder resounding applause.

While writing his lines, the incomparable Lulu Hughes showed up. With all the energy and the immense talent that we know, no doubt it will enhance the already nearly perfect evening.

Meanwhile Opera

Several spectators dressed in green are already lounged in front of the stage around 19 pm, the children running here and there with balloons in the colors of the Franco-Ontarian flag. On stage, the facilitator of Unique FM Véronique Soucy warmly welcomed the artists who marched alternately for 17 hours, including 600 young people from 19 Catholic schools in the Central East who presented dance numbers, gymnastics and chant.

St. Bernardin, the group Pandaléon, triple winner of the last Contact Ontario, came to deliver his latest album, Atone.

“We will not funny ben between tunes, but we will try to be bin smattes” laughing singer Frédéric Levac, also on keyboards, with drummer Jean-Philippe Levac and Marc-André Labelle without delay a made long his fingers on the strings of his guitar.

Jugglers, stilt walkers and other entertainers were able to get many smiles to visitors, as are young comics contest LOL who “tested” their jokes.

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