Robot pet died, the Russians could not resist: cadres blew up the network

Робот-любимчик Путина умер, россияне не сдержались: кадры взорвали сеть

Robot Fedor that the Russian engineers showed it to Vladimir Putin, returned from the International space station

After space “exploit” the robot was sent to the company in the city of Queens, where he was placed in the coffer, coffin-like. The corresponding video appeared on the website of the robot FEDOR on Twitter.

“Glad to meet specialists of our legendary aerospace companies. Now I’m in the coffer. Awaiting instructions for further checks on the results of the flight”, — stated in the message.

In the comments of the post netizens criticized the major achievement of Russian enthusiasts for useless and made fun of his “funeral”.

Робот-любимчик Путина умер, россияне не сдержались: кадры взорвали сеть

“I hung up, and then in a coffin put. It thanks for space flight?!”, “in a box and bury it”, “He is even in a box can not lie?”, “Explain to me the essence, why is the media so preoccupied with this useless piece of metal? The ISS has long been the canadian manipulator which attaches the ships and perform various tasks behind helping people. What has it done?” — write in the comments the Russians.

Робот-любимчик Путина умер, россияне не сдержались: кадры взорвали сеть Робот-любимчик Путина умер, россияне не сдержались: кадры взорвали сеть

Earlier it was reported that a spaceship of Russia “Soyuz MS-14”, on Board of which the robot was “Fedor”, failed on the first attempt to dock at the scheduled time with the ISS. This was reported by Russian media citing the mission control Center. The report notes that the ship approached the station, hovered there and then started to move away from it.

The network reacted to the news, and notably had some fun, suggesting reasons for the failure of the Russian robot Fedora.

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“Robot Fedor refused to dock with the ISS until Putin withdraws from the occupied Crimea and Donbas. That’s the twist!”, “Robot Fedor by order of the MCC went to RAM the American segment of the ISS, but the expected missed the target.”, “It seems Fedor, created in the spirit of Russian traditions , decided to steal a ship..”,”Robot Fedor said to tell you that Crimea is the Ukraine, Putin Hello and just he is no Fedor, and Fear Gritsko from the city..”, “Fedor missed at the dock, because in this time I watched the celebration on independence and promove Zelensky,” wrote netizens.

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