Robin Bouchard can turn the page

ex-policier-robin-bouchard-accuseThe retired policeman from Public Security Saguenay Robin Bouchard can turn the page. Judge Richard Daoust, of the Court of Quebec granted him an absolute discharge in a case of maladministration occurred at the very end of his career.

Former policeman came back before the judge Daoust, Monday morning, where he pleaded guilty to the charge. This particularly rare crime is associated with the exercise of the discretion of the police officer. The prosecutor of the police, Mr. Pierre Dupras, managed to convince his counterpart in pursuing that in this specific case, the absolute discharge could satisfy the ends of justice.

The complaint was initiated by the employer who accused the police of having, in the months of July and August 2013, reduces offense tickets issued to motorists, although his superiors had advised to cease this practice.

Of the 254 tickets issued during the period, 251 showed a varying speed of 53-59 kilometers per hour in an area of ​​50 km / h, while the speed recorded was higher, according to the claim of the City, after examination tickets.

In August 2013, the management suspended Robin Bouchard.

“It is not possible for a man like Mr. Bouchard to appear in court to plead guilty to the charge. Since the events he lived through difficult times, “repeated several times Me Pierre Dupras. He also mentioned that his client had an impeccable career for 30 years and that this matter has greatly overshadowed his retirement.

In its arguments, the prosecutor in defense recalled that the actions did not cause harm to anyone, except those who received a violation ticket paid small fines. So there is no effect of either victim in all this.

The prosecutor of the Criminal and Penal Prosecutions Department has in turn raised the fact that while he was performing such gestures, the officer never removes evidence or altered evidence. He used his discretionary judgment to reduce the rate, but still distributed the tickets. The fact that there was no loss or alteration of evidence has greatly worked in favor of a common recommendation for absolute discharge.

Judge Richard Daoust certainly recalled that the police had violated the law, but that everything must be in its context. The fact that he never benefited from these actions and that no casualties have obviously weighed heavily in the decision of the judge Daoust.

It also highlighted the fact that for 30 years, the officer Robin Bouchard served his fellow citizens and was therefore an asset to society. There is also no doubt in the mind of the judge Robin Bouchard does not represent a risk of recurrence since it is now retired.

The crime for which the former policeman has been charged is very rare because citizens do not usually complain of receiving an offense with a lower speed than the reality.

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