Robert Knepper (Prison Break) accused of sexually assaulting a costume designer on a film shoot – Here are

Another actor lies at the heart of a scandal. The interpreter of T-Bag in Prison Break is covered in turn by serious accusations of sexual assault.

Since the case Harvey Weinstein broke out in Hollywood, the world of cinema and television is being hit by a real storm. Each day his new batch of terrible revelations. In the beginning of the week, an investigation has been opened by the Los Angeles police department, following a complaint lodged by an actress who accuses Ed Westwick of raping her three years ago. And today, these are the actions of another actor of the series that are pointed out.

Susan Bertram told Hollywood Reporter that she was sexually harassed by Robert Knepper in the film Gas, Food Lodging in 1991. The costume designer 31 years of age at the time of the facts tells us that she went in the trailer of the actor of Prison Break for him and drop clothes. “I jumped on it, he raised my dress and grabbed my crotch as hard as he could “, she explains. Susan dropped the business that she had in her arms, the comedian would have pressed against a wall, threatening to assault her.

The victim managed to get rid of his grip, “I ran away from the caravan as fast as I could,” she says, and then she locked herself in a bathroom. She looked under her dress and saw that his tights were ripped and she was bleeding from the crotch, ” I sat and I cried for a long time. My dress was torn, I felt dirty “.

Susan Bertram is then rendered in the caravan where were all the costumes for the film and talked about what had happen to him to the assistant of the plateau, Dominique DuBois. A story that the woman has not forgotten, “She was upset, she was shaking,” she recalls, ” I regret that I still today have not been able to do anything for it at the time “.

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