Rob Kardashian and Committee Chyna : between them, the war is not over yet – Here is

Nothing goes between Rob Kardashian and Committee Chyna. If the ex have managed to find an agreement for custody of their daughter, they should find themselves in court for another case.

After being torn apart by media interposed, it was thought that the atmosphere was FINALLY eased between Rob Kardashian and Committee Chyna. In fact, a few days ago, the ex-couple was able to agree on the custody of their little girl of 10 months. The dad got custody and the mom will receive $ 20,000 to support a part of which will be paid directly to the nurses of the small Dream.

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If she agreed to withdraw its charges for domestic violence, the mannequin in the forms of luscious does not let go of the case for another story. The separation has been really lousy, and Rob Kardashian went too far by posting in July last pictures very daring of his ex-girlfriend on the social networks. The little brother of Kim Kardashian wanted to take revenge for the infidelity of the mother of his daughter and of the humiliations he suffered during their short relationship, the humiliating turn. This is what’s called a revenge porn.

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Even if the shots sulphur of privacy have since been deleted, Committee Chyna remains traumatized. “Don’t be dirty. Be strong and optimistic, ” she said to the other victims in an interview for a magazine. The ex-strip teaseuse has therefore decided to continue his former companion in justice, and she wants to make him pay. According to TMZ, Committee Chyna intend to obtain a sum of 7 figures “. In addition to having been publicly humiliated, the young mother would have also lost advertising contracts. Brands that promote weight loss, would previews thanks to the photos published by Rob that she had resorted to plastic surgery to locate the row, while research models are ” natural “.

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Committee Chyna would have met with the lawyers to Rob Kardashian to negotiate his big cheque. If she does not get the amount he or she wishes, this story will end in front of a court. It is left for a new machine of filthy rags.

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