Road safety: respect others and the rules …

julie-bourdon-coanime-samedi-matin(Granby) Public safety was the focus of discussions this weekend in Granby, Saturday morning the mayor … who might as well have, for the occasion, bear the name of Saturday morning advisors since Julie Bourdon animated the morning in the company of Joel Desmarais. Process for handling complaints of road safety standards for signaling, roles Traffic Committee and the territory of the Granby police surveillance team: several items were discussed before hearing the complaints of citizens on square.

A presentation of about 30 minutes helped demystify some workings. Mr. Desmarais, chairman of the traffic committee, and Ms. Bourdon explained such standards regarding speed limits in the streets of Granby. The laws must therefore meet the standards set by the Ministry of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Transportation Electrification of Quebec.

This is why the speed limit of the stretch of Simonds Street South to 70 km h can be reduced. This street is actually a bypass, they said.

When asked by a citizen on the idea of ​​introducing in Granby neighborhoods to 40 km / h as is the case in Montreal, advisors indicated that a subcommittee was addressing the issue.

Sleepers who gossip

The famous pedestrian crossings, which are much talk about the behavior and pedestrians and motorists, have been the subject of some clarification. “There are many people who do not know, but pedestrians are subject to a fine (if they do not take the crosswalks), warned Joel Desmarais. Not only must take the cross, but we must also ask, have eye contact with motorists. When you are a pedestrian, you are not protected against the automaker. Make sure they stop before crossing. ”

Several people have received a ticket for $ 40 last year for not using the crosswalk at their disposal. He points to the cross in front of the retirement home and the Maxi, rue Saint-Jacques. Many people cross the street a few feet of the cross which, however, was built at the request of pedestrians.

Conversely, if a car does not stop when a pedestrian wants to cross to the right place, the driver is subject to a ticket for $ 169.

A team Complaints

The police service in Granby, a multidisciplinary team has been set up to address citizens’ complaints. To mark the change of shifts, it happened that complaints are lost in the past, said the captain of the territorial monitoring team, Marc Brien. The team set up consists of a sergeant and three officers. In summer, two officers and a sergeant motorcycle and bicycle three agents are grafted to the team.

The campaign Prudence, patience, respect was launched last year and focused around crosswalks and high traffic flow areas. Police have since noticed a 13% reduction in accidents.

Several issues have been reported by citizens on the premises with regard to cyclists. Some fear the “emportiérage”, that is to say that a vehicle occupant opens the door when the cyclist path.


Another talked about education for cyclists and drivers of motor vehicles. Lately, the cyclist had the opportunity to review all the kilometers of urban bicycle trail. “Apart from me, there is not a single rider who got off his bike and waited to cross at crosswalks, he said. There is a lack of civility, respect and education. ”

He notes that the pictograms representing a person next to his bike, on traffic signs are still there. Joel Desmarais announcement about the pictograms will be replaced “shortly” by signs, hoping that cyclists better understand and comply with regulations.

About thirty people present, many had brought their shopping list to complain about certain situations or configurations. The Captain Brien has also taken a lot of notes and Mayor Pascal Bonin and Director General of the City, Michel Pinault, intervened a few times, but these citizens were also invited to fill in the official form of complaints so that they can be contacted for additional information or to follow up.

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