Rituals for sleep: the doctors revealed how to escape from insomnia

Ритуалы для сна: медики раскрыли, как спастись от бессонницы

Someone thinks of the lambs, and someone whips a pillow at night. Such rituals are called “sleep hygiene”, but it is possible to overdo it

It is reported 24tv.ua referring to the publication the Atlantic.

Everyone sleeps better if he’s comfortable. We strive every time to reproduce the treatment for sleep who we love – and that’s fine. Someone is trying to draw attention to the situation in the room, reads books, moisturizes the skin cream, while other Sony looking for a suitable position for sleep that relaxes.

These rituals help a lot of people, if not to sleep, however, these habits have a downside. People can get too attached to repetitive actions. The publication describes a few examples.

Ритуалы для сна: медики раскрыли, как спастись от бессонницы

If you need the someone can’t “by the rules” to make your bed, it can cause a stress response. Concern for such a petty reason has a strong effect on the psyche – the dream goes at all. The more people will make every effort to sleep, the harder sleep.

Many rituals can have a negative impact physically. For example, many people like to sleep on my stomach, and this habit over time can cause back pain.

Ритуалы для сна: медики раскрыли, как спастись от бессонницы

The publication also shared tips that will help you to overcome insomnia.

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You need to get out of bed if sleep does not come within 15 minutes. This allows you to associate the bed with sleep, not with unsuccessful attempts to sleep.

Many people recommend to sleep during the day in the weekend: that it would help “make up for” lost sleep during the week. If this is not done, the body will pull you into bed before the observance of rituals.

You also need to be prepared for the fact that creating new habits for sleeping is 8 to 12 weeks. You should try not to give up in this period, because the new ritual can be a good investment in health.

Recall that the named juice which you should drink every day: “detoxifies and protects against cancer.”

As reported Politeka, dormant and disturbed, who are prone to sleepwalking, and what is dangerous.

Also Politeka wrote that scientists have figured out how age affects sleep: how dangerous it is.