“Risks are higher”: mankind threatened by a global catastrophe

«Риски выше»: человечеству пригрозили глобальной катастрофой

On the planet is now the high probability of a global conflict since 1945

This sad statement was made by the Director of the UN Institute for the study of problems of disarmament Renata Dwan.

Humanity faces a terrible catastrophe – a nuclear war. And now it is more relevant than ever. “Today we register the highest probability of a nuclear war,” says Renata Dwan.

«Риски выше»: человечеству пригрозили глобальной катастрофой

According to her, now, all nuclear countries are modernizing weapons that can kill millions of people.

Specialist also believes that existing treaties, memoranda and agreements on arms control cease to operate, as in recent years, the world has a newest methods of warfare.

In this case, Dwan has in mind the significant role of mercenaries and private armies, as well as the latest technologies, including information warfare.

“The risks of use of nuclear weapons because of the different factors are now higher than at any time since the Second world war”, — stated the expert of the United Nations.

As previously reported, a well-known psychic predicted global destruction and global conflict that could destroy the entire planet.

Psychic from Russia Alexey Fada published a shocking prophecy about the imminent nuclear war. American researchers seriously alarmed, noticing the real conditions for world conflict. A disaster can cover the Earth in 2019.

«Риски выше»: человечеству пригрозили глобальной катастрофой

It is worth noting that Alex Fada predicted a devastating world war III for 2009. According to analysts from the USA, the medium just made a mistake for ten years. Now his prediction is coming true.

According to the psychic, the terrorists will possess access to nuclear missiles. They will erase from the face of the Earth one of the largest cities in the United States. In retaliation, the Americans unleash a new war with the Arab countries. In this case, the whole world will tremble from nuclear strikes.

Prediction Fadi become more devastating against the background of current events. The United States led by President Donald trump has decided to terminate the Contract on rockets of average and small range. In addition, the Americans came out of the nuclear deal on Iran.

Soon they’ll have a free hand. And the terrorists can take advantage of the political conflict in order to create a diversion and provoke a nuclear war between the United States and other countries. It is unlikely that Russia will remain on the sidelines.

We will remind, Ukraine threatens nuclear disaster: “the coming large-scale evacuation”.

As reported Politeka, NATO harsh comments about Putin’s Russia: “it is impossible to make friends with the crocodile”.

Also Politeka wrote that scientists have found evidence of nuclear war 4,000 years ago: “the mystery of the ancient epic revealed”.