Ringing in the ears can be dangerous: when it is better to consult a doctor

Звон в ушах может быть опасным: когда лучше проконсультироваться с врачом

Most often, tinnitus is not a cause for concern, but sometimes it is an alarming symptom that requires urgent consultation with doctor

Ringing in the ears is sometimes all. It can occur in one ear or both at once. The most common reason for this is the disruption of our system of sound reproduction that some frequencies are perceived as noise or ringing.

Typically, the ringing occurs after you heard a loud sound, or if you are in a noisy room. After a while everything will return to normal and you stop hearing it. Usually this requires no more than a couple minutes, but can be exceptions.

Звон в ушах может быть опасным: когда лучше проконсультироваться с врачом

To avoid this, try to protect yourself from unnecessary noise exposure. This is especially important if you work in a noisy industry, as it is dangerous to spend much time in “noisy” environment. Use protective earplugs or headphones.

If tinnitus persists, it may be a serious symptom. First, frequent ringing in the ears may indicate inflammation of any departments of the middle ear. You should contact Laura. Also cause of ringing can be a violation of the auditory nerve.

But sometimes ringing in the ears may indicate serious health problems, for example, hypertension, anemia, diabetes mellitus, peripheral circulatory disorders or the presence of tumors of the head.

In any case, to attempt to cure ringing in the ears is not worth it. Be sure to consult a specialist.

Звон в ушах может быть опасным: когда лучше проконсультироваться с врачом

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