Right hand trump called the people’s Deputy Leshchenko enemy of the United States: “was involved in the case about…”

Правая рука Трампа назвал нардепа Лещенко врагом США: «Фигурировал в деле о…»

Personal lawyer of the President of Donald trump Rudolph Giuliani called the Ukrainian MP Serhiy Leshchenko enemy of the United States

He told about it during communication with journalists of Fox News.

So, the man postponed his visit to Ukraine, because, according to him, he doesn’t want to go “to a group of people who are enemies of the President of the United States.”

Правая рука Трампа назвал нардепа Лещенко врагом США: «Фигурировал в деле о…»

“There is a man who was convicted of helping Democrats during the 2016 election. I have his name. His name Leshchenko, he published “the black book”, he said.

Moreover, the “barn book” Leshchenko Giuliani called the counterfeit that “nobody used”.

We previously reported that the personal lawyer of the American President Donald trump was going to come to Kiev for a meeting with the newly elected head of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. In particular, Rudolph Giuliani, wanted to convince the newly elected President to continue the investigations begun in Ukraine concerning the involvement of politicians in the American elections.

We are talking about two issues – the investigation of spectracolor USA Robert Mueller regarding attributed to Russia’s intervention in U.S. elections 2016 and on alleged links son of Vice President Joseph Biden with a gas company owned by one of Ukrainian oligarchs.

We will add, according to the journalist Alexander Dubinsky, the Americans hinted that the entourage of Vladimir Zelensky there are people associated with the oligarchs of the Democratic party of the United States. He urged the newly elected President not to be carried to blackmail the White house, According to Alexander Dubinsky, ex-Finance Minister Alexander danyluk has ties with the Democrats and the American Embassy. But he believes it is wrong be the demands of the United States.

“Let’s Lutsenko leave because he doesn’t like Democrats, and Republicans like it because it gives testimony,” sarcastically suggested Alexander Dubinsky. He added that Ukraine need to leave based on not only Russia but also the United States. The only way to build a truly strong state. And recommendations trump the journalist believes is akin to the advice of Russian President Vladimir Putin. After all, both sides are using Ukraine as a springboard to defend their interests. And at the same time for robbery.

Recall Zelensky attacked in the cafe and pricked, there was a video: the reaction of the servants is striking.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky suddenly turned to Poroshenko: “I beg you, turn the key”.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky has lost “95 Quarter”: an urgent statement from the President’s team.