Right and obligations

medecins-omnipraticiens-specialistes-tout-loisir(Sherbrooke) If general practitioners or specialists have plenty of time to retire or return to the health insurance plan of Quebec on a simple 30-day notice to the RAMQ, this does not least subtracts a number of ‘obligations to their clients.

“What the doctor working in public or private, it has the same ethical obligations,” said Caroline Langis outset, spokesman College of Physicians.

The doctor who wishes to withdraw from the public plan must notify customers within “reasonable” by the way he considers most appropriate.

This time may be different for each patient according to his state of vulnerability.

“The idea, explains Langis is that the doctor can not give up his patients, regardless of the regime under which he works, and he must make reasonable efforts to help find another doctor. ”

“In the meantime, he must monitor his patients, as well as other examinations and consultations he himself asked for it, and as long as it is not assured that another doctor, another professional or another authorized person can do it for him, “can we also read on the website of the College of physicians.

“In the absence of such support and as part of this transition, it will even, in some cases, be called to follow the patient for free,” says the directive.

“Finally, it should be noted that the patient wishes to be followed by a new doctor participating in the health insurance system should not have to pay for photocopying services and transmission of his medical file to the doctor who now will ensure its follow-up” adds the Ordre.

The College of Physicians are no cases where it would take sanctions against one of its members who have violated these guidelines, also states Ms. Langis.

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