Richmond and Danville welcome filming Bon Cop Bad Cop 2

acteurs-bon-cop-bad-cop(Sherbrooke) Prosecutions and car explosions are scheduled this weekend at Richmond. The crew of the second part of the Quebec successfully Good Cop Bad Cop will be present in the Eastern Townships until next Wednesday.

That’s the beauty of places that the Eastern Townships were selected by the crew. For the occasion, Danville and Richmond will be transformed for the occasion into American city this Saturday.

“It is, among others, for the beauty of the region. We wanted to illustrate a typical small American town, as can be found in Maine, “says Stéphane Arseneault, Director of the filming locations.

“In Montreal, we often have to fight for the filming permits, but here everything was very simple,” Mr. Arseneault, stating that communications with the cities were not complicated, as everyone worked well according to him.

The Director General of the City of Richmond, Remi-Mayette Mario, meanwhile, believes that the City of Richmond had everything to gain from this opportunity.

“It’s always good for a city to host film crews,” Mr. Mayette, explaining that as filming takes place over three days, there should be an impact on the region.

However, residents of Richmond will perhaps their weekend rush as some places in the city will be closed to make way for the filming.

The Iron Bridge and part of Main Street will not be accessible from Saturday to Monday between 6 am and 19 pm. Team Good cop bad cop needs the bridge to cause a car accident. “The beautiful architecture of the bridge was perfect. We’ll make it explode a car, “likes to say Arseneault. In terms of the main street, it will be blocked at the height of the Craig Street to Bédard Street.

In both cases, detour signs will be posted. Maxi, located on Main Street, will remain accessible to the public, residents will do their shopping there without problems.

The cameras and the actors will not stop only at Richmond. The week of filming in the region continues to Danville Tuesday and Wednesday, 21 and 22 June This two-day achievements are mainly held at the Square of Danville.

Bon Cop Bad Cop 2

Nearly 10 years after the first film, the film Bon Cop Bad Cop will experience later. In this second installment Quebecers find police David Bouchard, played by Patrick Huard, and Martin Ward, played by Colm Feore, a new adventure where they will face against the American Empire. The release date of the feature is not yet known, but fans can wait for the summer of 2017.

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