Richard Henry Bain was upset not to have been able to vote

richard-henry-bain-accuse-relativementRichard Henry Bain, accused of being the perpetrator of the shooting during the evening of the victory of Pauline Marois at Metropolis in Montreal in 2012, was upset that day because he was denied the right to vote because of a problem of address, the Crown said Thursday.

Mr. Bain, aged 65, is accused of the premeditated murder of Denis Blanchette, lighting of the auditorium which gathered hundreds of militants of the Parti Québécois in the evening the general elections of September 4, 2012. He is also accused of three counts of attempted murder, possession of incendiary material and arson. He pleaded not guilty to the six counts.

At the trial on Thursday in Montreal, Crown prosecutor Dennis Galiatsatos recounted the sequence of events of 4 September 2012.

“At 23 h 40, whereas (Pauline) Marois took the stage … Bain parked his vehicle, a black GMC Yukon SUV, donned a ski mask, a bathrobe and grabbed a rifle semi -automatic loaded a pistol, and […] a flare, “he said.

According to Mr. Galiatsatos, Bain exited his vehicle, then climbed the outside stairs to the backstage of the Metropolis and shot Denis Blanchette, before his weapon jammed. The bullet that killed the lighting continued its trajectory and fractured his pelvis David Courage machinist, supports the Crown.

Me Galiatsatos also reminded jurors that during his arrest, Mr. Bain had said: “The English are waking up!”

In presenting his case Thursday Me Galiatsatos told the jury that they learn how Bain had been angered by an address error that prevented him to vote that day to Quebec general election. Me Galiatsatos also indicated that the accused had asked near the address of the Metropolis, and that surveillance cameras had captured images where we see him ride aboard his big SUV around the auditorium this day- the.

Me Galiatsatos said he would prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Bain was responsible for the death of Mr. Blanchette, and also guilty on five other counts.

Crown said Thursday morning that it plans to call to testify as 50 witnesses, including Montreal police and the Sûreté du Québec and the Metropolis employees, David Courage, the machinist injured that night the.

In the trial on Thursday morning, Justice Guy Cournoyer of the Superior Court, was read for about an hour his instructions to jury of eight women and six men. The 14 jurors selected Monday and Tuesday, attend all proceedings, but only 12 of them will make their verdict on all six counts.

The trial was postponed several times, most recently because the accused had to undergo surgery. Mr. Bain was also neck a neck brace on Thursday. The hearings are expected to last six to eight weeks.

Justice Cournoyer usually high-profile trial: it was he who had presided over the trial of Luka Magnotta, convicted by a jury in 2014 of premeditated murder of Chinese student Jun Lin.

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