Revolution Oscar: more action, less elite

Революция Оскар: больше блокбастеров, меньше элиты

American Academy will have to watch more comics and blockbusters, and the technical category will leave behind the scenes.

The Academy of motion picture arts announced the introduction of a new nomination for an Oscar – Best popular film.

The award for “outstanding achievement in the field of popular cinema” for the first time will be awarded in February 2019. New category focused on blockbusters has caused a lot of criticism. Корреспондент.net tells details.


Oscar for Black Panther

American Academy will have to watch more comics and blockbusters because of the new category of Best popular film.

To give the scar now will also be the highest grossing, and acclaimed big-budget films such as the Avengers or this year’s hit Black Panther, which grossed $ 1.5 billion.

These tapes often arrive at the shortlist for the prize, but almost always lose the drama. The most they are being awarded for best special effects or sound.

In his letter, the President and CEO Oscar noted that eligibility requirements and other details of the new nomination will be announced later.

According to the media, a new nomination will be the blockbusters that regularly claim the Oscar as the Best film, but often inferior to dramas.

“This is a huge step for the Academy. This is a sign that the elitist establishment is trying to find more ways to reward films that are usually looking the fans. It’s also a way to attract more viewers to the annual ceremony”, – quotes the portal Vanity Fair analysts.

As pointed out by the media, perhaps the addition of this category could help to eliminate the charges of the Academy is that the institution is increasingly removed from cooperation with representatives of popular culture.

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An insult to all

The Western media took this ambiguous news. So, the Huffington Post published an article with the headline “New Oscar nomination is an insult to us all.”

Variety magazine suggested that the Academy awards seven new comic nominations. Among them was the Best role of the second plan in the performance of the animal, the Best picture rotten tomato and the Best Orc in the Netflix series.

Most journalists are confident that the innovation Oscar is a reaction to the falling ratings of the awards ceremony. This year the broadcast for the first time in ten years looked at least 30 millionov.

Telegraph film critic Tim Roby believes that the Academy is trying to get rid of accusations of elitism, so it shows a willingness to give blockbusters the award, however, “drives to potential and existing hits rolled in the ghetto”.

Neither black nor blue. Inexplicable Oscar winning

Actor, Director and screenwriter Adam McKay, whose film short won the Oscar for best screenplay in 2016, jokingly suggested the Academy on Twitter a few new categories: “best movie where shit explodes cool”, “the hottest alien” and “the best “you thought he was dead and he came back and really kicking ass”.

It is worth noting that in 2009, the Academy of motion picture arts was criticized for the fact that in the categories a little cash movies. Then the criticisms of the American Academy was caused by the fact that the picture of Christopher Nolan the Dark knight about Batman not included in the shortlist for Best film.

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Following this guide Oscar decided to increase the number of nominees in the main categories in two times – up to ten films. The step Academy also initially criticized.


Other innovations

In June this year, film critics from publications Variety in the United States of America compiled a list of movies that can compete for the Oscar in 2019.

The list includes paintings, released from 1 January to 30 June 2018. Experts believe that Best picture nomination for the statuette will compete You’ve never been here, Black Panther, First reformed Church, Reincarnation, Rider.

Then, it was reported that the Academy start a revolution in their ranks. The founder of one of the most prestigious film awards in the world Oscar was invited this year to its ranks to a record 928.

In addition to the quantitative increase, the organization significantly expanded its outreach, inviting people from 59 countries.

It is also known that the broadcast of the ceremony will be seriously reduced in time, decreasing from four to three hours. This will be done through the so-called “technical” awards, which will be awarded during commercial breaks.

However, critics fear that both innovations may not be beneficial to Oscar: one diminish the reward of elitism, the second – take away the support of the professional community.

One of the film editors, talked with the Hollywood Reporter, said he and his colleagues, this decision seems humiliating, because “for many who is always behind the scenes, the award is the determining factor in career and in life.”

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