Revenge of the former: a powerful explosion has alarmed the whole house, details, and frames PE

Отомстил бывшей: мощный взрыв переполошил весь дом, подробности и кадры ЧП

On “hot” traces police officers detained the poor man who has arranged explosion

The incident occurred on Sunday, October 6, about 21 hours in Khmelnytsky on St. Yefim Kazinskogo near two-storey dwelling house. As reported Politeka with reference to the press service of the local police Department, on the scene left the investigative team and the staff of explosive Department that the survey site has found a funnel and debris grenades “RGD-5”.

Отомстил бывшей: мощный взрыв переполошил весь дом, подробности и кадры ЧП

Fortunately, the incident no one was hurt.

The police called by a concerned resident of the house who remembered signs of the bomber.

Отомстил бывшей: мощный взрыв переполошил весь дом, подробности и кадры ЧП

Detainees was a 32-year-old man, previously had problems with the law. In particular, he was tried for rape and robbery. According to him, he wanted to take revenge on the relatives of a former spouse living in this house. The man is sure that they are to blame for their divorce.

On this fact openly criminal proceedings on the grounds of part 4 St. 296 Criminal code of Ukraine – hooliganism. The question about the ad to the detainee about suspicion.

Earlier it was reported, on October 7 in Odessa after an anonymous call was looking for a bomb in the building of seaside district court. The place was urgently sent bomb experts and cynologists with dogs checked the building and the surrounding territory for hazardous substances. Meanwhile, all employees and court visitors were evacuated.

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