Revealed details about the new rules of the Ukrainian language: “it is Recommended to change…”

Раскрыты детали о новых правилах украинского языка: «Рекомендуется менять...»

Disclosed new details of the introduction of the Ukrainian spelling, which will be used by all

This is stated in the message of the Ministry of education and science, reports “UKRINFORM”.

“From June 3 it is recommended to apply the rules of the new edition of spelling. At the same time, now there is a transition period, so each institution can itself take a decision on the transition to the new version”, — stated in the message.

Раскрыты детали о новых правилах украинского языка: «Рекомендуется менять...»

The Ministry said that the plan to introduce spelling is still in development, which it will be presented until September.

In addition, officials added that the program of introduction of the new spelling will be consistent with a large number of parties, which it will cover a lot of questions.

As previously reported, the Ministry of education issued the latest revision of Ukrainian orthography. Monday, June 3, on the website of the Ministry of education appeared in the final text of the new version of Ukrainian spelling. Here is a brief overview of the new rules of the Ukrainian language:

1) proct, proksa pisemo for analogue s n CCA, tractor, Ob CT TA INSHI words W latinskim coredem -ject-; pler (play+er), conver (convey+er), per

2) the Sound [j] of course peredam respectively to vimovo homologo words with letter y, as in skladi smokeproducing [je], [ji], [ju], [ja] letters I, a, u I: Bur, conver, pler, flar, lokalni, paranoia, galaxy, piano, bag, Sekvoya, faience, fervers, n CCA, proct, proksa, sub CT, tractora, fo, t, Goy, Savoia, Ferbach, Mar, Canna, Say, Johann, Rambo, SOR, Khayam, Herbal, Juno, TS;

3) DCNS, Tekera, BEC (without podwodna Prigorodny —KK-). Bakosrutanal ckscho in englishiyskyy, nemecky, svedski that
according NSIH movah Pereda the sound [k], vdcforum ukraïnskoyu letter to: DCNS, Dccon, Jackson, Takera, BC, BU
kgem, Bismarck, Brueckner, Brakes, Lamarck, Stockmann, Stockholm, rudbeck, Sherlock;

4) Once pisemo: mensure, thepresident, exminster, website. And also words W homonym component of the Perche, scho visnaga clsi (greater od typical, duzhe visokiy ABO slabkiy, Shvydko I t. in.) view chogo were: Arkh-, arkhi-, Blits-, gir-, extra-, macro-, when, MD-, MCRA-, mini-, multi-, nano-, poli-, premum-, super-, top-, ultra-, flash: archbridge, hupermarket, extraclass, macroeconomy, mcrobbie, multimillioner, primanly, supermarket, top managers, topmodel, ultramodny, flesher Yu.

Раскрыты детали о новых правилах украинского языка: «Рекомендуется менять...»

We will remind, Ukrainians are ready for a total change of alphabet: how will look the new letter.

As reported Politeka Filaret spoke harshly about the language law.

Politeka also wrote that Ukrainian schoolchildren forced to learn the language of invaders, booming scandal.