Retirees can change the type of payout you will receive more details

Пенсионеры могут поменять вид выплат: будут получать больше, детали

During the first quarter of this year, about five hundred Ukrainian pensioners was replaced by the pension from one to another in the Pension Fund of Ukraine (PFCs)

This publication reports the Arguments and Facts with reference to the General management of the Fund in the Rivne region.

Пенсионеры могут поменять вид выплат: будут получать больше, детали

The possibility of transition from one scheme to another is Ukrainians due to the fact that the country has several types of benefits: old-age, disability and survivor’s pension, and the pension may be more advantageous in this particular case.

“According to article 10 of the law of Ukraine № 1058-IV dated 09.07.2003 “On compulsory state pension insurance”, the person entitled to different types of pensions (age, disability, loss of breadwinner), is assigned one of these types of pensions. While on their own, you can change the type of pension.”

It is clarified that for determining the feasibility of such a transition, the retiree should contact the office of the Pension Fund of Ukraine, is paying a pension.

Пенсионеры могут поменять вид выплат: будут получать больше, детали

Also in this law it is stated that “transfer from one pension to another is done from the date of filing of the application with all required documents on the basis of documents of the insurance period, wages (income) and other documents contained in the pension business, as well as additional documents that received the bodies of the Pension Fund of Ukraine.”

“If a person, after the receipt of the disability and the appropriate type of pension continued to work and received not less than two years (24 months) insurance experience after appointment or recalculation of pensions regardless of the interruptions when transferring from invalidity pension to retirement pension is used the average wage for the previous three years”,- stressed in the Pension Fund of Ukraine.

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