Residents will have to pay for heated non-residential premises

Will need to do teploozerskiy of their homes or to pay for losses in the networks.

Мешканцям будинків доведеться доплачувати за обігрів нежитлових приміщень

The fee for heated non-residential premises, the use of hot and cold water requirements of a home and the maintenance of a network is proportional scatter on all tenants. Regardless of whether they have room counters. The mechanism of distribution between consumers of the volume consumed by the house utilities spelled out in the draft order of the Ministry of regional development, construction, housing and utilities of Ukraine “On approval of the method of distribution among consumers, volumes consumed in the building of public services”. Roughly, the document should be taken in the next month or two, informs Rus.Media.

To date, the owners of the premises, equipped with metering or individual heating systems, only pay for the amount of utilities that count their counters. For the rest of the guest house resource, including the spent on the maintenance of intrahouse systems of heating, cold and hot water supply (watering flower beds and lawns, cleaning of common areas and the like), heating of common areas and support facilities distributed among the owners of apartments without meters.

“That is, the owners of the premises which are not equipped with metering, pay for utilities, the volume of which corresponds to the real volume of consumption”, – stated in the explanatory note to the document.

With the adoption of the draft order such amounts of utilities will be shared among all co-owners irrespective of the presence of metering units. The new technique, according to officials, should reduce utility bills by up to 10%. Small businesses operating in these buildings will also have to pay for the common areas as other residents, so entrepreneurs payments, on the contrary, will increase by 10-20%. Everything will depend on the number of storeys of a particular house and number of inhabitants in it.

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“Heating of the communal areas is from 10% to 20% of the total heat in the house, which is then distributed in proportion to the number of apartments. Since common areas and auxiliary premises are common property, the owners have to pay for their heating. The fee is allocated between the owners in proportion to the square of their apartments and non – residential buildings- share of ownership in an apartment building. The amount of heat consumed can be reduced, when it will consider (we will use meters or metering devices) and thus do not have to pay for a neighbor who has a extra battery in the balcony), and when the house termomodernizacja”, – said the head of the support Office and the implementation of reforms minregionstroya Julia Perchuk.

At the same time there are suspicions that such officials want to get residents of high-rise buildings to finally focus on the upgrading of their homes. If this is not done, then you can not get reduced, as predicted by officials, and improved payment system, which value may surpass the winter of receipts for heat. Of course most of this increase the people feel the most neglected and old houses.

“The fact that outside the home, to the input of the counter will just sit in the tariff. All the rest will be distributed among the tenants. This is another incentive to get the residents themselves to invest in the modernisation of houses or to keep the created energy efficiency Fund for co-financing. The problem is that in addition to distribution among consumers, the question arises of loss inside the house and losses from tampering with metering devices which will have to pay. Here or tacitly will pay or will start intra-showdown – who, where and how appropriated. If tidy the common areas, put a normal window, energy-saving light bulbs screw, etc., thereby to reduce the losses and reduce costs,” – said in a conversation coordinator of the NGO “Expert platform for energy efficiency” Igor Cherkashin.

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