Researchers were told what not to do before a date: “you Can scare partner”

Ученые рассказали, чего не стоит делать перед свиданием: "Можно отпугнуть партнера"

The first date is a pretty important point that I want it to be perfect

Scientists have conducted studies that have shown that before the date it is better not to wash, so as not to scare a potential partner.

According to the survey, every third volunteer has admitted that he struggled trying to get aroused by the object of desire, but it was difficult. The reason lies in the absence of a specific body odor. In particular, the men noticed that the desire just disappeared, in this connection, to make love not wanted.

Ученые рассказали, чего не стоит делать перед свиданием: "Можно отпугнуть партнера"

Expert Thomas Hummel, who published results in the journal “Physiology and behaviour”, said on this occasion that the results show how important the smell of sex. It is worth noting that this is the first study that has linked smell and sexual attraction.

Meanwhile, the British psychotherapist Philip Hodson advises people to avoid the use of spirits, because the bodies have a natural aphrodisiac, and the aroma may not be to taste the person of the opposite sex, maybe to push him away.

“The nose is a sexy interactive on — it tends to work when we are excited. Remember that the French Emperor Napoleon said to his beloved Josephine to not bathe before meeting with him 3 days “, — concluded the expert.

We will add, more recently, a study was conducted that showed that the smell of the male body acts on the woman like a good sedative.

During this experiment, women were given to smell a few t-shirts. Among them were those, who for several days was wearing their favorite men. And t-shirt with a neutral smell, and the smell of washing powder. The study showed that the scent of the man she loved work on the girls comforting.

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This is directly linked to emotional memory: inhaling the scent that belongs to your loved one, our thoughts are with him. It soothes us.

Ученые рассказали, чего не стоит делать перед свиданием: "Можно отпугнуть партнера"

In that case, if the relationship is in so much discomfort and are associated with only negative memories, and the smell of pleasant feelings will not cause. Rather the opposite: increase nervousness and cause unpleasant emotions. Did this experiment scientists from the University of Stockholm.

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