“Requires restart”: Zelensky told how to fight corruption in Ukraine

"Требует перезагрузки": Зеленский рассказал, как будет побеждать коррупцию в Украине

Presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky found a way to prevent theft from the budget

Showman held at its headquarters a meeting with staff of 20 leading anticorruption organizations. The recording of the interview posted on the YouTube channel “ze!President.”

Likely President Vladimir Zelensky acknowledged that corruption is one of the main problems of Ukraine. He called specialists together to find a solution. The meeting participants discussed the first steps needed to combat corruption.

"Требует перезагрузки": Зеленский рассказал, как будет побеждать коррупцию в Украине

Vitaliy Shabunin of the Center for combating corruption and told about the difficult situation with the theft of the budget in Ukraine. As estimated by experts, the theft has brought a loss of $ 196 billion. To accumulate this amount, residents of Rivne have to pay taxes for 28 years. The average family with two working members annually to replenish the Ukrainian budget for 4 thousand dollars.

The specialist noted that Vladimir Zelensky managed to attract a large number of Ukrainians. First, the candidate will be able to tell your people what happens to the taxes in Ukraine. After all, 30% of the population assured that their contributions do not affect the payment of public services. At the same time, there is a site that allows you to calculate the distribution of taxes for every citizen. Enough to drive a box revenue for the month — and they show that the state had to spend the withdrawn funds. Other speakers supported this idea. They believe that the ignorance of the citizens greatly affects the level of corruption in the country.

"Требует перезагрузки": Зеленский рассказал, как будет побеждать коррупцию в Украине

After talking with guests Vladimir Zelensky has identified a number of innovations designed to overcome corruption in Ukraine. According to the politician, it is necessary to provide full autonomy to anti-corruption bodies. He also intends to transfer to the courts all the resources necessary for fair consideration of cases on crimes of corruption.

The comedian said that the National Agency for prevention of corruption requires a “restart”. Vladimir Zelensky intends to invite for the posts of new employees under the control of the public and the international community. Need to carry out reforms in the Prosecutor’s office. The candidate will require the attorney General to clear the Ministry from corrupt officials under public supervision. He also decided to restart the bodies responsible for the selection of judges and their release.

By the decision of Vladimir Zelensky, the security Service of Ukraine and may lose functions in the sphere of economy and the fight against corruption. The team of the candidate came to the conclusion that the secret service must protect the security of the country and not to interfere in the work of specialized bodies.

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