Rename decompensirovanny cities in Ukraine: Zelensky set point

Переименование декоммунизированных городов в Украине: у Зеленского поставили точку

Elected President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky can initiate the cancellation of the de-communization of the cities, but under a certain condition

This was told by his adviser to Dmitry Razumkov, transfers “112.Ukraine”.

“There were precedents when renamed certain cities, and the citizens of these cities did not support a particular name. And it would be better that it was taken not at the level of the Verkhovna Rada, as it was, for example, Kropivnitsky, but still below the decision, what is the name of the city, took the citizens of this city,” he said.

Переименование декоммунизированных городов в Украине: у Зеленского поставили точку

Thus, according to the Razumkov renaming of the city should be the decision of the inhabitants of this settlement, not a “wishlist” members.

“It would be possible to hold a referendum, it would be possible to decide on the title, and it would be the responsibility and position of people Kropiwnicki, and not the position of deputies”, — he stressed.

According to Razumkov, to initiate the process for “cancel” new city names is impractical.

As previously reported, a number of Ukrainian cities, you should change the date of the Foundation as they existed before the emergence of the Russian Empire

This was stated by Chairman of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory Vladimir vyatrovich.

According to him, Russia is now using these dates for manipulation, arguing that “the Ukrainians have never been, all the cities in the South there was only because there were Russian Empire.”

“The Dating of such cities as Odessa or Dnieper, is absolutely tied to the times of the Russian Empire despite the fact that the same Dnepr, the same Odessa have a much longer history of existence before the advent of the Empire,” he said.

As an example of such transfer date viatrovych led Odessa.

“And if there is a fact that Odessa is 300 years older? However, we define the creation of Odessa from the late 18th century, from Catherine, it is obvious that we will have to say about a certain predative. If the fact that a particular settlement created during the Imperial period some Russian military leader — OK, let him remain”, — he stressed.

Recall that near the house of Vladimir Zelensky noticed people with arms and ammunition.

As reported Politeka, experts told about the new Prime Minister of Ukraine.

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