Released Mushroom that abruptly “dumped” Zelensky, broke the silence: what happened actually

Освобожденный Гриб, который резко "отшил" Зеленского, прервал молчание: что произошло на самом деле

During the return from captivity of the Russian Federation Pavel Grib, one of Ukrainian political prisoners, was not greeted with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, which caused an unprecedented boom in the network

21-year-old Paul Mushroom has surprised many, not with a handshake from President Vladimir Zelensky at the exit of the plane after returning home 7 November. Video from the meeting in Borispol seemed that the guy revealing went the other way, and the head of state several even upset. Now Paul the Mushroom explained to reporters the reason for his action, reports the BBC.

So, freed admitted that in the bustle he was confused and simply didn’t recognize Vladimir Zelensky.

“Unfortunately, I went last. At first just went down, having seen nothing. Then he ran home. I am completely disoriented, strange as it may sound. I did not even realized what was happening. The picture in the eyes flashed. I could not even journalists to look into the eyes. Then dad showed Zelensky. I didn’t recognize him, honestly. Saw that some men in suits stood. Unfortunately, it so happened,” — said the guy.

Освобожденный Гриб, который резко "отшил" Зеленского, прервал молчание: что произошло на самом деле

Recall that the Ukrainian Pavel Mushroom disappeared on August 24 in the Gomel region of Belarus, where he went to meet a woman from Sochi, whom he met on the Internet.

Later in the interview, the girl admitted that he actually invited the guy in Belarus and stated that she was forced to do it by the FSB of Russia. Russian special services simply stole the Mushroom.

The boy was discovered in SIZO-5 in Krasnodar: he was charged under article 205 of the Criminal code of Russian Federation “Terrorism” and sentenced to six years in prison, acknowledging guilty of “aiding terrorism”.

Освобожденный Гриб, который резко "отшил" Зеленского, прервал молчание: что произошло на самом деле

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Also earlier it was reported that 21-year-old released Ukrainian prisoner Pavel Grib told about the conditions of detention in the Russian colony.

“From entertainment — only radio. I spent two years could not figure out how to enable it, click on the button and I had to turn the volume. The book the next day gave a fantastic “Metro 2033″ (describes the life of people in the Moscow subway after a nuclear war — ed.). Then there were more books, paint pictures — all sorts of patterns. There was nothing — began to draw to give to friends when I get back,” — said the Mushroom.

Recall that Zelensky has told how he wanted to steal a batch of “public Servant”.

As reported Politeka have Zelensky are going to reduce taxes Ukrainians, voiced terms.

Also Politeka wrote that the MP is rigidly screwed directly in the session hall, the Ukrainians in anger: “Fire!”.