Released a new excerpt of “Aladdin”: “Choose wisely”

Вышел новый отрывок фильма «Аладдин»: «Выбирай с умом»

Disney has unveiled a poster and new clip of the long-awaited film about a young thief named Aladdin

Hollywood actor will Smith appeared in the form of a classic blue Genie wrote

A street hustler named Aladdin (MENA Massoud) wants to become a Prince and marry the Princess Jasmine (Naomi Scott). While Aladdin is thinking how to achieve this, the vizier of Agrabah Jafar (Marwan Kenzari) plans to take over the city. But for this he needs the magic lamp hidden in the cave of wonders.

Вышел новый отрывок фильма «Аладдин»: «Выбирай с умом»

In a new video Jean advises to be careful what you wish for.

The slogan of the film is likely to be the phrase “Choose wisely” is a reference to the three wishes, which will be the main character.

In Ukraine, the premiere release of fantasy strips from world-famous Director guy Ritchie will be out very soon – on may 23.

As we reported earlier, Ukrainian designers will create for “Disney” wooden toys.

Ukrainian company “Ugears” developed for the company “Disney”, 5 models of wooden toys. They will be sold in 700 retail stores by the famous American brand.

It should be noted that for the last 22 years the first Ukrainian company, whose logo is “Disney” agreed will be placed on the package next to her.

Co-owner of “Ugears” Gennady Shestakov said that the company had to pass strict inspection before they received permission.

Вышел новый отрывок фильма «Аладдин»: «Выбирай с умом»

“Disney” himself to us knocked on the door. The negotiations lasted for eight months, we had to walk quite a tough audit. Checked all the financial statements of the company, workplaces, interviews with workers without the presence of a linear guide. I had to take about 400 requirements to pass the audit. And we passed it without a single comment,” said Sestak.

“Ugears” started its work in 2014. Today, this successful company has 200 employees. Production capacity “Ugears” is 500 thousand models a year.

It is noteworthy that the products of the Ukrainian company is in demand of a contingent of 25+ around the world. Approximately 25% of manufactured goods are bought in the EU. And the demand for Ukrainian designers is increasing.

Recall that Disney surprised fans with a strange message: Pinocchio is dead.

As reported Politeka, the son of will Smith’s surprise appearance: I want to wear dresses.

Also Politeka wrote that the blame will Smith: the actor’s wife made a Frank admission.