Registration online: how to change the procedure of registration of residence

The bill provides that for the registration of residence in Ukraine would be enough of a statement, to register the place of residence.

Прописка онлайн: як зміниться процедура реєстрації проживання

In the Verkhovna Rada, the presentation and registration of the draft law which stipulates simplification of procedure of registration of residence in Ukraine. About it reports a press-service of the Ministry, informs Rus.Media.

In the presentation of the bill “On freedom of movement and free choice of residence in Ukraine” was attended by first Deputy Minister of economic development and trade Maksim Nefedov.

“Approach to the registration of residence in Ukraine has not changed since Soviet times. Today, the procedure forces every citizen to prove to the state their right to reside in housing and to collect a number of certificates and approvals. The reform envisages the introduction of the principle according to which person is enough to tell us about their place of residence with a single statement. The new system is based on complete trust to the citizens of the state,” explained Nefedov the importance of improving legislation in the sphere of registration of place of residence in Ukraine.

Presenting the bill, MP from the PPO Sergey Berezenko said that the new system will make the registration for residency are available online and will cancel the additional documents and information.

“In accordance with the provisions of the bill, the application for registration of residence can be submitted in the usual way to the registration authorities or of tspau, but now this service will be available via the Internet. The simplicity and convenience of this service will make it easy and accessible to all citizens of Ukraine”, – said the Deputy.

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According to the draft law for the registration or de-registration will only be one application; no documents required and approval; making marks in the passports of residence will not be mandatory and carried out only at the request of the person.

The draft law abolished the use of paper documents; eliminates the need to serve the citizens of the certificate of place of residence or family composition; eliminating the possibility of duplicate registration with different registers of territorial communities; the authorities will exchange information about place of residence without the involvement of a person; information about accommodations will be true at the time of the request.

In automatic mode, the registration/de-registration of place of residence will be carried out on the basis of information from the state register of acts of civil status (GRAGS): registration of place of residence of a newborn child, the withdrawal of registration of residence of the deceased person/persons declared dead, the notice of registration of place of residence of a child under 14 years of age to the registration authority at the place of residence of the child.

“Despite the accelerating pace of life and growing mobility of the population, the provision of services must meet the trends of the time. To this end, in the registers of territorial communities will be involved modern technologies for interaction between the state and citizens, such as mobile number and e-mail”, – said the MP Anton Geraschenko.

In turn, the head of the Office of reforming the administrative services Vladimir Semenikhin has informed that every year in Ukraine is over 2 million registration actions and it is one of the most popular administrative services.

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“The improved procedures will allow everyone to register my residence with the mobile phone and pay for it online. The government needs to use technology and to meet the needs of citizens,” he said.

Also the bill offers to establish that the fact of registration is not the basis for the acquisition by a person or depriving them of any rights to housing and other assets at its registered or deregistered residence.

The bill also planned to ensure the singularity of inclusion of the voter into the State register of voters and obtaining timely information on the number of registered and withdrawn from the registration of persons in the relevant locality (for the analysis of deviations from the normal level of arrival in the settlement or disposal of individuals).

In the case of registration at the same address for more than three families, such registration of the person under the draft law, will be subject to a temporary block and to confirm the fact of residence. This mechanism warns a mass registration at the same address (the so-called “addresses mass registration” or “gloves”).

It is reported that a similar registration system is successfully operating in the Netherlands, Germany, Latvia, and several US States. At the same time as of 18: 00 on 17 October, the draft law “On freedom of movement and free choice of residence in Ukraine” has not yet appeared on the website of the Verkhovna Rada registered.

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