Regional issues in the sights of the CSN

presidente-conseil-central-monteregie-annette(Granby) About 200 union delegates are meeting this week in Granby at the conference of the Central Council of Montérégie. It’s time to take stock of the last three years, but also to target the current regional issues.

“What is crucial is the broad guidelines for the next term,” said Annette Herbeuval, president of the Central Council of Monteréegie (CCM-CSN) Tuesday as the 8th Congress was beginning in the presence of delegates union from all sectors.

Collective actions, the union leadership and solidarity will be the focus of discussions. “The government enforces laws under a gag order, we needed things and we did not accept it as citizens. I am a union leader and elect me once in three years. If I do a thing like that, we will not elect me again. Why we accept that governments? It is this alignment then we want to take and discuss with delegates, “said the president.

Health centers and social services of the Haute-Yamaska ​​and La Pommeraie, now merged with the Integrated University Health Centre and Social Services Estrie (CIUSSS), on the list of issues. “Are we going to lose the expertise? What will happen with our emergency? It’s all a nothing. This is something that worries the workers, but also the citizens, “said Ms. Herbeuval.

The negotiation of public employees has received attention in recent years. Several demonstrations have been organized in particular. “There has been an extraordinary mobilization of determined workers and determined to achieve a negotiated collective agreement. It was deployed even in Granby where there was the great march which was quite exceptional, “said Annette Herbeuval.

The agreements reached in particular in Ultima Foods and Plastube also marked the last years. “They were able to find common ground for the future of the company, but also to keep quality jobs,” said the president of CCM-CSN.

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