Reet Jurvetson murder in Los Angeles in 1969: survey ships to Montreal

mois-dernier-police-los-angelesForty-six years after the crime, a street painter in Old Montreal Could it unlocked the investigation into the murder of Reet Jurvetson, this Montrealer killed 150 in Los Angeles in 1969 stabbing?

Investigators squad unsolved crimes of Los Angeles police have told The Press yesterday that they are trying to find a certain Robert Paul, who once sold his paintings on the streets of Old Montreal and that would probably be old between 60 and 80 years. They even recently came to Quebec to conduct their research.

“We found someone who knew him and who saw him for the last time 10 years ago. Nothing more since, “said the detective Veronica Conrado, attached to his office in California.


Last month, the Los Angeles police announced to have finally discovered the identity of an unidentified corpse was simply known under the code “Jane Doe 59” since its discovery in the woods bordering the famous Mulholland Drive in the fall 1969.

Users seeking a missing persons website has seen in his portrait striking similarities with Reet Jurvetson, a Montrealer who had gone to live in California at the age of 19 years and had never been heard from his relatives . A DNA test conducted with the cooperation of the surviving members of his family in Quebec revealed that it was indeed her.

The discovery of this identity led police to explore various avenues. Investigators went even question the guru Charles Manson in prison, because at the time of the murder, his followers had been involved in several particularly sordid murders in the region. The meeting did not work.

The strongest track for now remains that of a man named John, or John, a man Reet Jurvetson had met in Montreal and would have then joined California. The police believe that this man could enlighten them on what happened to the victim when she stopped to give news to relatives.

Now, investigators learned during their research that the mysterious John or Jean was an acquaintance of the painter Paul Robert, who was himself in love with a friend of Reet Jurvetson in Montreal.

“Robert Paul knew the man we are seeking to identify.”
The detective Veronica Conrado

With his partner Luis Rivera, Ms. Conrado came to Montreal for five days in March to interview people who knew him the victim in the 60 One of these eyewitnesses told them about Paul Robert . A Detective Sergeant SPVM then helped them to search the records of street painters who are licensed to sell their works.

“Paul Robert was not there, but we were told that there are several painters who do not register for failing to pay the costs,” said the detective.

“Maybe he still frequents Old Montreal, maybe not,” she adds.

The Los Angeles police have received some information from the public that the fate of Reet Jurvetson was made public, but they still expect the index will find the men who crossed the path of the deceased.

Anyone who knows the painter Robert Paul can be reached Luis Rivera detectives and Veronica Conrado Single unsolved crimes LAPD at 213 486-6818.

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