Redness on face: causes and prevention

To reduce redness you need to understand the causes and eliminate trigger factors.

Почервоніння на обличчі: причини і профілактика

Any defect of the skin gives an unpleasant feeling to its owner and gives the uncertainty in its appearance. One of such drawbacks is the redness on face that may appear at all people of any gender or age. Only a faint blush arising confused for a short time, capable to decorate the face of a young girl. All other forms require chervonna determine the cause of their formation. Person is important to quickly deal with the problem and eliminate the disease. That is why at the first sign of the defect all the people trying to figure out how to get rid of redness on face, informs Rus.Media.

Temporarily mask problem areas of the face, just enough to apply cosmetics. To reduce redness you need to understand the causes and eliminate trigger factors.

Why do I get redness on my face?

Most of the defect experienced by women older than 35 years. At this age, become the visible signs of aging of the whole body, including the skin. Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity can meet this challenge at a much younger age under the influence of various factors, which provoke the disease. The main ones are:

  1. Adverse changes in the circulation.
  2. My fast heartbeat.
  3. Increase in blood pressure.
  4. Diseases of the circulatory system.
  5. The use of substandard cosmetics, which provokes an allergic reaction.
  6. Eating hot food or alcohol, resulting in blood vessels dilate.
  7. Stress, excitement or experiences.
  8. Diseases of the skin. For example, acne, leaves traces in the form of red spots.
  9. The consequences of frequent exfoliation.
  10. Improper skin care.
  11. Wash with cold or hot water.
  12. The hereditary factor.
  13. Antibiotic therapy or hormonal therapy.
  14. The influence of the solar rays.
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If redness appears for a short time and under the influence of a certain factor, it is enough to exclude reason, to get rid of the defect.

General recommendations in the fight against redness

In most cases, to cope with the discoloration of the face can be a day, if the reason for this illness is negligible. Main recommendations in such situations is:

To exercise control over emotions. This is a must for people who are easily embarrassed or complex for various reasons.

Pay attention to the diet. From the menu you want to exclude all food stimuli, especially spicy dishes and condiments.

Not to drink alcohol, which promotes vasodilation. To eliminate Smoking, because tobacco changes the complexion.

If the redness is a reaction to a medicine, you need to try to replace. This requires consultation of the doctor.

Before using a new cosmetic, it is recommended to wash with water having room temperature, with the addition of baby soap. You can treat the face chamomile infusion and then apply any soothing cream.

To consume more vitamins, fresh vegetables and fruits. To harden the body and increase immunity.

How to get rid of redness on face?

Remove with facial redness can be for a short time, if you know the cause of its occurrence. To identify all the factors that could cause such a defect, capable dermatologist. If necessary, you may need to consult a gastroenterologist or an allergist, if the reason is serious illness.

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