Redemption DTEK power companies will increase the energy independence of Ukraine

Выкуп ДТЭК облэнерго усилит энергонезависимость Украины

The acquisition of DTEK two power companies — “Kievoblenergo” and “Odessaoblenergo” — Russian group VS Energy positively affects energobezopasnosti and energy independence of Ukraine

This broadcast Carts TV said political analyst Svetlana Kushnir, wrote Know.

“When we talk about national security, for some reason, many of our citizens think that it is only a border control or a strong army. In fact, energy security is an extremely important component of the whole segment of the country’s security”.

According to her, the owner of 10 Ukrainian power is a company with Russian owners. “VS Energy registered in the Netherlands if it were an international company. 10 areas 10 power companies in the assets of the company. But beneficiaries and owners of this company are Russians: Giner, Voevodin and Alexander Babakov. Alexander Babakov is a former Deputy speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation”.

Svetlana Kushnir also noted that in Ukraine the power companies belong to different owners respectively, there is no monopoly there. “They (power companies — ed) distributed between businessmen. For example, Grigorishin a controlling block of shares 8 power companies. At the same Kolomoisky 6, I think. And if I am not mistaken, DTEK Kievoblenergo and Odessaoblenergo in the assets of the company will be 5 regional power. Don’t forget that Babakov and the company has a controlling stake in 8 power companies. So, to say that DTEK becomes a monopolist on the energy market, is wrong. On the contrary, I think that this issue is politicized,” she said.

Earlier, the Chairman of AMKU Yury Terentyev said that DTEK acquired only a portion of the assets associated with the activities of electricity distribution and monopolization of the market is not happening.

Recall that the AMC at the meeting of April 25, gave permission to the company “DTEK Naftogaz” on the acquisition of 24.99% of shares of PJSC “Kievoblenergo” and 16.77 percent of JSC “Odessaoblenergo”.

The law of Ukraine “On electricity market” operators of electricity distribution system (SRF), what is ZAO “Kievoblenergo” and JSC “Odessaoblenergo”, it is forbidden to carry out activities for the supply of electrical energy.