Red meat causes the development of cancer in women – British scientists

Красное мясо провоцирует развитие рака у женщин - британские ученые

UK scientists found that red meat causes cancer, particularly colorectal

Writes about this Clutch.

This conclusion was made based on the data obtained in the course of seventeen-year observations. Experts were able to perform physical indicators more than 32 thousand women.

The analysis allows us to consider eating red meat one of the precipitating factors in the development of cancer in women. Among girls who ate the red meat, the number of cancer patients was 35% higher than among the rest.

Of course, we cannot deny the fact that in red meat in large volume, they also contain nutrients, stress researchers. They suggest, nevertheless, not to abandon this product. Only it is necessary to follow the recommendations of scientists: in a week the amount of meat should not exceed 3-4 standard servings.

It is best to give preference to white meat and fish.

Красное мясо провоцирует развитие рака у женщин - британские ученые

Scientific experts warn that a very careful to eat red meat is to treat women whose relatives have suffered from cancer of the intestine.

In cancer diseases has its own special smell that can detect a person with a strong sense of smell.

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The question of how to identify cancer, was placed before the world of medicine for a long time. But this kind of experiment smell cancer held for the first time. And the result really surprised.

Красное мясо провоцирует развитие рака у женщин - британские ученые

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A main character of the experiment, ex-nurse joy Milne, was presented 10 masks: 5 breathing patients with cancer, in the other 5 masks — healthy people. After a thorough sniffing, joy has identified 3 of 5 the ”cancer” of masks. According to her, the mask patients was originally distinguished by the heavy smell of cream, with hints of yeast. After the mask a little field trip for them from the beginning to give a more salty flavor.

Красное мясо провоцирует развитие рака у женщин - британские ученые

We will remind, the most popular among Ukrainians medication causes cancer.

As reported Politeka, scientists presented a new method that will help to lull the cancer cells forever.

Also Politeka wrote how modern medicine treats incurable.