Received a letter from the husband’s mistress…

Получила письмо от любовницы мужа…

Alone, read, about eight years in the marriage laws lived. Okay so, as they say, exactly. And suddenly, the wife of the notification letter received. In her name. Well, went for it in the mail. And back headlong rushed, swallowing angry tears. And what other would have remained calm, if a letter from the husband of polubowny received.

And not just a letter, a parcel, consider the whole. Where’s the photo of the little boy of a husband reduced copies, turned out to be. And copies of documents to establish paternity and to file for child support, then.

And that the baby three years old somewhere. And it’s interesting – the husband a reason to suspect something behind him and didn’t give even. Work on time returned regularly, and on weekends on the couch lying.

Well she came this home. But already there is a husband on the couch from work came to rest. Well, she showed him the incontrovertible proof of infidelity more than emotional. And the husband just like he fell into a stupor and her screams did not seem to notice.

And as he shouted, so he told her and began to swear that he saw the woman more than three years. And in the letter she’s lying that they almost see each other every day, and it’s soup-soup feeds. And about the little boy that he learned for the first time.

Admitted that Yes, he had a brief affair office. With employee new, yeah. And the same at all of them a couple of times-and it was. And then probation could not stand it, and he her since and not seen.

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Well woman, of course, come on friends to call to complain. Those to her in one voice – ban this bastard, they say. Let this goes to my wenches.

Woman darling with friends was taken, and then thought. “And why is it that I, in fact, his life established needs to break in favor of some nasty woman” – such a thought to her first to mind come.

And then continue to talk became. Husband earns almost seven times more than she did. Well, will he pay child support, so what? The five-year daughter to the sea to carry! Anyway as doch that folder ran come out? And anyway, it’s her husband. Why is it men will throw in on the fun outside woman!

And the husband this kind of forgiveness she is asking to please all tries. But it days and defiantly didn’t notice him. And then the anger was replaced by means.

Well, this says that the child will have to admit. And there’s money on the expertise to spend, it is because you see, that is the blood of a native. That settled the matter. Paternity child support Yes agree.

Well, she met with Paulownia. And will her you and announced. And my husband said you will see Fig. But saw they. On the court, yeah. Because filed her lawsuit court after the child support was taken, and the son with the father to see not permitted.

And then have the boy for the weekend they take regularly. The former polubowne like how happy even. And the kids that they are good, daughter and even about her brother dreamed of. And then went and got means.

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Girlfriends-the woman convicted, never proud, saying that her husband’s treason was forgiven. Whether it never occurred to them, forty years, not twenty already, or something else. But she do not care about the condemnation of ihie. But boy her mother Anna calls.

© Helina Bentsioni

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